April 3, 2008

"cuz the wages of sin are an expensive infection

It'll make you bankrupt
Better pay up now, don't interrupt"

I really hate tax time. It brings out the worst in me and I abhor worrying and thinking about money. It is just the worst. Today the goal is to get our big fat tax checks written and off in the mail, and the paperwork put away, so it is not looming over us, and get on with real life and work. That's about all I have to say about the state of my mind right now, I am not been very happy for the last couple of weeks, because of this subject, but I want to get happy again.

And my reward will be "Get Happy!" by Elvis Costello, which I will buy on Itunes. I am a HUGE Elvis fan and have all his works on vinyl or cassette, but we really don't use those modes of music playing anymore. So sometimes I get an old favorite song in my head that I used to have on vinyl, and I need it again. The EC collection is vast, there are so many albums. But they are all so different, so there is an Elvis for my every mood. And Get Happy is an old one, 1980 I think. I remembered it when "Opportunity" was played in my exercise class, and I had to go look it up. There were a lot of great songs on that album, and i miss them! Seems like Elvis was thinking a lot about money himself then, it was pretty early in his career and success, so it is not a surprise. And they were great lyrics, filled with double meaning and wordplay, songs like Opportunity, Possession, and High Fidelity. One of the songs on the album is the song of the day..."Love for Tender":


  1. I love Elvis Costello, too. My husband is a really big fan of his. We've gone to several of his concerts. Very fun!

  2. Yes I have been to two of his concerts I believe. It was in high school though, so the early 90s. I am not much of a concert goer now.

    One of my favorite things he did was Juliet Letters with the Brodsky Quartet. Really different sound (string orchestra!) but just genius songwriting and musically brilliant.