April 2, 2008

carnival of rust

Not much to say today, just working, working. Today is glazing day, so I will be doing that all day. I have FOUR new glazes to try, all red-rusty glazes, so that makes me excited. Its always fun when there is something new to test and see when I open the kiln the next day. I wonder if any of these will be the maroon that I had given up on? So, the video today is really neat and random, its a band from Finland I have never heard of called Poets of the Fall. The song is called "Carnival of Rust" and it all kinda weird and circus-ey and kinda steampunky. It's not my favorite of songs, but it was a cool find today...which I discovered simply by googling "rust" on the old you tubes.


  1. Darn those reds! Good luck with those colors! I always feel so antsy to get to the good part!

  2. Oh! I LOVE your "furnace" with the bright lime green and the brown! Totally looks like it's all stoked up! Fab!

  3. YEAH! The good part! I have to fill the kiln with mostly order stuff and then sneak in a few new thigns, just for balance.

    hee hee thanks about the Furnace bead. I am afraid that design might only appeal to a few nerds like us who work with heat and fire though!