April 11, 2008

candy and memories

So continuing my promotion of the new Lucky Candy line on the Earthenwood website, I am showing the Candy Swirl beads above and thinking about the color inspiration. I wanted to do something very rainbow colorful, and contrast the colors with black and white. I wanted something very candy shop looking. Have I mentioned I love candy? It's funny how certain flavors bring back memories, isn't it?So I was really inspired by black and red licorice, and mixes like Allsorts, shown above. I never used to like black licorice as a child. At Easter, I would eat all the rainbow colored jelly beans and save the black ones for my grandma, who loved them. Somewhere along the line, I developed a taste for it, and now i love black licorice. I especially like the real, old fashioned, molasess-ey licorice. I always think of my grandma. I think the anise flavour of black licorice is a love/hate thing...and especially in Allsorts, where it is combined with another love/hate...coconut. I never used to like that either, but developed a taste for it as well. Maybe it is the sign of a more mature palate. Anyway, back to my beads...the colors in this series are not so much like Allsorts, which are more pastel, but more like Bridge Mix, as it is shown below, with brighter colors and lots of red and black. That looks yummy to me too.
I remember this song from Aqua Teen Hunger Force...here is a remix of Mc Pee Pants with I Want Candy, with Meatwad dancing. Its stupid funny.

Link to video on You Tube

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