April 10, 2008

And I would post 500 more...

Above, a very happy, jolly crew of new Lucky Candy beads! Yes they are VERY cute and happy. Yeah, I have a bead called "cutiepaw"... Yeah, I will walk to the edge of the Kawaii cliff and totally throw myself over it. You got a problem with that? hahaha!

Why are these beads celebrating? Aside from the fact that I added them to the Earthenwood website, to the new Lucky Candy page (clicky here)? Well, it is because this is my *500th* post on Blogger! Cheers! Wow, I am kinda nerdy, eh? Ok, well it took me over 3 years to get here. My first post was in Jan of 2005. I used to post pretty sporadically, but I started posting just about daily last summer, only missing a few days when away on vacation and such. I like to think I have the occasional interesting thing to say, and I do a good job of blending the never-ending self promotional pimping with words of substance about my process and creative thinking. I know blogging daily really helps me figure things out in my head, and I love the conversations we have in the comments. Thank you all for reading this and joining me on my path!

And I am sorry for this, but I have to do it. I need to celebrate with the 500 Miles earworm song by the Proclaimers, to celebrate my 500th post. Come on, when will I ever get a chance to play it? This video is awesome though, it is set to World of Warcraft clips. I have never played it, but now I want to! It looks fun!

Link to Video on You Tube


  1. AHHHH! Pay back! I love it! Your candy beads are super sweet! Sorry for the punny! I am in love with rainycloud!! Congrats on 500! You go girl!

  2. YEAH 500 !!! You're so diligent, Love :))
    I'm proud of Yoooooooouuuuuuu !!!

  3. << it is set to World of Warcraft clips. I have never played it, but now I want to! It looks fun! >>

    Don't do it! It's a terrible, stupid game and you'll never get a single other thing done, and all you'll want to blog about is WoW.

    (sorry, I'm married to a WoW player, it's made me a bitter woman)

    Congratulations on 500 posts! :D

  4. Gaea,
    Thanks. HAHA! Did I make you click? It is payback from the time you posted 500 miles, isn't it?

    Charlie, aww, thanks love! I am a diligent nerd, you know it!

    NOOO! Ok, I promise I won't play it insanely or blog about it. It does look fun, but i don't have the patience. I don't tend to get too obsessed with games, there is too much work to be done...

  5. There was a point a few years ago when I was hooked on a video game, and all I would do ALL DAY LONG is play it, and nothing got done around here. They're way too easy to get sucked into, and WoW is especially designed to reward that style of gameplay. It can easily take 3-5 hours to go through a dungeon, and that's after you've put in a bajillion hours to get your character to max level.

    Personally, I prefer Guild Wars, which is more attractive, less time-intensive, and has no monthly fees ;) I put in a couple of hours a week on there.