March 7, 2008

vines and growth

Wow, I am really in the thick of it today, absolutely swarmed with work. My bead room is a mess and there is a monsterous mass of labels, and beads, and displays, and random bead show things climbing all over me. I feel like the fence in our back yard, which in the Spring gets totally covered with these intertwining crazy vines. Bead show prep is kicking my butt so I need to get it under control. Above is a piece I did for Stringing Magazine for Spring of last year called Vine Ripened Beads. It has my little Snack Charm Soybeans and some pewter peapods from Green Girl. The folks at Beading Daily brought it back out for this Spring, it is available for sale as a PDF on their site. I think this is the first time I have had a PDF for sale online..there have been free projects done as special promos at Beading Daily, so I am curious how it will sell. Ok, that's all I have time for...I need to grab a bite to eat and tame this overgrown bead garden I have here in my studio!

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