March 15, 2008

Seabirds and Submishuns

Happy Saturday, all! I think I did not show you the above bracelet that is in the new Spring Stringing magazine. It has one of my links and a little Seabird charm, mixed with some pewter and crystals, and a great silver clasp. It's simple and springy and I am happy with it.

Sometimes, like at the bead show last weekend, people ask me how I get so many projects into the magazines. And when I look at all the work I have had published in the last year, it does seem like a lot. But what they do not know is the amount of projects that I *don't* get into the magazines. Honestly, half or more of the projects I submit are not accepted. And I have become pretty good about not taking this personally, and not getting hung up on the rejection. I celebrate the success and move on. Sometimes, I think the projects are good, they just do not fit that particular magazine or issue. So I can keep them for entry some other time or place. The bracelet above was made as a companion to a rather more elaborate necklace that I also entered for submission, which was not accepted, which I really like. But also in that issue is the Nesting necklace by Michelle Mach, you may remember I posted about it here. And I think that is a better and more interesting spring project than the one I made, and since both used the Seabird, I can totally see why it was chosen. It's lovely!

HAHAHA! I luv this LOLcat above! And I swear I only act like him for a few minutes when I get a rejection, and then I carry on. I put him on my desktop wallpaper today, for a bit, to make me giggle. Really it balances out... this week I received several rejections for an upcoming summer project, which was a bummer, but then was really excited about one acceptance for a brand new magazine that I haven't written for yet, which is really exciting. It's a process...give and take.
Speaking of the Nesting necklace, I am listing a few of the sets above in the Etsy shop today: the three Seabird and Birdnest and a pendant by Melissa of Chinook Jewelry.


  1. Great Post Melanie!
    How dare they not accept all of your work!? Now I'm curious! I want to see the pieces that they didn't accept!
    I know they're probably FABULOUS! Let's see 'em!!
    I am curious about submitting my work to magazines. But it's hard to let it go when sending submissions in. I don't know if I can do that yet! I'm not really sure I'm feeling confident enough about my own work to submit just yet.

  2. Lorelei,
    hey thanks! I just think sometimes people think I am the golden girl or something, but I make a lot of stuff, and some just doesn't make it.

    Sorry, i still like to keep the projects secret, because they might work somewhere else, you know? I hoard them!

    Your work is really good and totally magazine worthy. I could see a lot of your stuff in Stringing. You should go for it! You should be confident, truly...

  3. Lorelei,

    Yes, go for it! I wouldn't try to worry too much about whether a piece is accepted or not. Melanie is totally right about submitting to other places--a publication is all about balance--a range of styles, techniques, colors, etc. and sometimes as an editor you'll get 100 pearl necklaces and you can't accept them all, as beautiful as they all may be! :)

    Feel free to contact me at if you have more other questions about the publication process.


  4. Michelle,
    Thanks for commenting, and also letting me know that I am on track with my thoughts. I can only imagine how hard it would be to choose pieces for a publication. I recently helped jury an art fair and it was difficult to make those cuts, even when we knew they needed to be made.

    I think its great that you are so encouraging for new designers. I was so intimidated to submit desings, for *years*! Now that I do it regularly, I can't believe I was such a scaredy cat.

  5. That cat made me completely laugh. Thanks for the upbeat take on rejections!! And congratulations on your recent winter acceptances!! It's such a gloomy day here, but we did not get the snow that was sort-of predicted, so I'm taking that as a good sign.

  6. Melissa,
    YAY for LOLcats and I can has cheezeburger! They make me laugh all the time!

    Oh thank you, I am pleased. Accentuate the positive, right? I am very fortunate.

    Urg, its very cold here too, I am not pleased about *that*!

  7. I like you how integrated the clasp in this piece. What great colors for this time of year too.

  8. Thanks so much, Tammy! Yes the seafoam is bright yet it reminds me of rain. That's spring to me...

  9. If you read on the publication's submissions guidelines pages, sometimes they will accept a 'proposed' submission with quality photos on a CD, prints of the photos and a short synopsis of the article idea. That's what I did with the Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine, then they contacted me based on the proposal. That way I didn't have to part with the actual jewelry pieces (like severing my heartstrings sometimes!) until it was sure they wanted them. At that point the procrastination gene kicks in because you have to actually write the whole article you proposed! but in some ways for a first-time publishing adventure it felt safer to go that route.
    Does anyone else do proposed submissions first? LLYYNN - Lynn Davis

  10. Lynn,
    Hi there! I have been watching your blog and I really love your work!

    I have never submitted to Belle Amoire but that's good to know. I think some of the magazines do prefer this proposed submissions actually. This is what I do for Simply Beads, and I think Beading Daily online prefers this,and also Bead Style. It does make it a little easier. But you are right...then the procrastination!

    Stringing magazine is the one I submit to regularly that requires everythign up front, written and all. There are advantages to this too, I suppose, as its all done! And then if rejected, you are all done if it is accepted elsewhere.

    Just gotta go with the flow, I guess!