March 1, 2008

Sad Eyes

Totally calling it in today blogwise, with a Dog Blog. That's Zoey, of course. This one's for you Cynthia...good luck with the new pupster! Maybe yours will look a little like Zo when it grows up. We were lucky, Zoey came from a foster home from a no kill animal sanctuary. She was a little wild and wanted to run away often, but she was totally house trained. Never had an accident in the house and did very little destruction. I guess she was past that stuff, age wise, by the time we got her.
I am up to the eyeballs in work this weekend, so I am off to get to it!


  1. What a cute pic! She does look like she has Shiba in her! Our little cutie pie has been really good with the house training, only a couple of accidents. Thanks for posting such a cute pic!

  2. oh my, I just saw your puppy pictures! So adorable!

    Zoey is about 60 lbs, and I don't know if that is right for a Shiba. She's definately a mix. I wuv her!!!