March 27, 2008

Ornament Thursday Extra Cuteness!

Today is Ornament Thursday, but I did my post for it yesterday... just a tecnhicality we need to do to get the links workign right. Click here to see yesterday's edited post with my project, which involved one of these little ornament tiles like the one below, and also the elaborate story of how the design came to be.Today is all about cuteness and my very favorite LOLhammies! These are all from I Can Has Cheezburger, which I check obsessively multiple times a day. There is also a LOLdog site called I Has A HotDog, which is also way cute! There is a whole LOL language which is fascinating, here is a link if you have no idea what I am talking about: Lolspeak. Did you know that there is a project to translate the Bible into Lolspeak? I love it! But my favorite LOLs are the ones that involve hammies.

Above, the classic LOLhammy. He has a corm. He can't spell good.
This one above has a melon, which is obviously a grape. I thought this one was very funny, especially when it apparently spawned this one below, which is one of the funniest things I have ever seen, and I don't know WHY!?!?
Ok, and if you were not saturated enough with hamster cuteness, watch this video of a hammy eating a popcorm. Gasp with me (I do every time!) as he falls over, in his absentminded zeal to fill his mouth with the corm. This was our favorite activity with our hammies, watching them eat and store food. Especially Sprout after she had the babies, she would hide a huge amount of food in her cage for the little ones, it was amazing!


  1. Melanie-where have you gone? What happened to etsy?? I see you are hooked on LOLCats...I used to spend hours at night looking at you like Cute Overload, Stuuf on My Cat, Stuff on my Mutt- I highly recommend all those.

  2. So cute...the Patrick Stewart is my favorite...the kids love the hammies!

  3. Thanks for sharing the LOL...I went to the loldogs and spent an hour just cracking up. I love your ornament, so very cute and funny. Our kids had them when they were young.
    This was a very good Ornament Thursday from everyone.

  4. Gina,
    I am right here! I did pull all my stuff from Etsy, the sale was done and I will be adding brand new stuff now. Do you get my newsletters? I wrote about it in there. Have you seen my new Etsy shop for ceramics, too? There's a link on the sidebar...

    I do like Cute Overload and have seen stuff on my cat but not dog! I will go look!

    I know, for some reason that one is so funny to me!

    Fab Fibers,
    They are so funny! The spellign and grammar is so hilarious, I think that's why it is so silly.

  5. Yay! The Hammy ornament is so cute and we are totally LOL'ing over the P.S. pic! It is just what I needed after all the icky tax stuff!

  6. Thanks Gaea! I tmakes me LOLz too! Yes Taxes make tiny hamsters run away and cry.