March 12, 2008

moving and cleaning and etsy sale

have I mentioned that Sunday's show is kicking my butt? Still? And it's Wednesday. I am still not feeling very blogworthy so I will keep it short. Don't get me wrong, it was a great show for me, its just that the pile of work that i had to put off to prep for the show has landed on me like a ton of bricks. I am moving along slowly but surely. Above, one of the first things I had to f the pics from my photo shoot for my Bead & Button show issue ad. With some of the best of the the first Steam Stones!
Speaking of a ton of bricks, I heard Chuck mumble about that when he was lugging my beads into the house from the show. Thanks are the muscle behind Earthenwood, lol! It's mostly those great ceramic dishes I used for display, which weigh a ton, but I love the way the beads sound when they are played with on the dishes. Tinkly! Yes, the boxes of crap are still piled up in the living room, but we have an unspoken rule that you get 3 days after a show to clean up before complaining about the mess. I guess my time is up.

Please don't forget to stop by the Etsy Shop to see the 25% off sale on Bundles. I am going to keep them up for maybe 2 weeks and then pull them to store for Bead & Button. Then I will add some new work to the shop, and the bundles will be gone for a while. So check them out now!


  1. The steam punk items look so cool! Any idea when you're going to add them to your line? Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

  2. becca,
    Thanks so much! I finally made a page for them and they are partially on the site here: