March 19, 2008

more color experiments

Ok, so more experiments to show you for the steam stones. This is the three bright colors on top of the gunmetal. The red did well in this second try, I love it! Now I am wondering what the other styles will look like with this red. Of course I am out of blanks to test, so I gotta start over. I am excited about it though! On the right, the acid lime. It kinda toned it down, but I love the contrast. Someone told me via email that she thought these had a painted tin toy look, which I love! I think the acid green is a keeper. Again, looking forward to seeing it on the other designs. The center orange, well, I am not as impressed. It ended up getting pretty muddy. I was really hoping for more contrast. I will try some other oranges, but what do you think of yellow? I might like the stoplight color effect. Hmm... Again, below, the same three glazes on white clay, because I think this is fascinating how much they change.
That's all I have today, I am tinkering with the Steam page some more, adding these two keeper colors and also adding the loop configurations. Lots of choices!


  1. Love that red! It's just gorgeous.

  2. I kind of like the orange myself. Don't think I'd like yellow...besides the orange looks more of a mustard (yellow). But that could be my screen. My favorite is the red though. Just mho...


  3. Thanks Melissa!

    No yellow, eh? Hm. I want to see it, in my head it is great! Of course, that doesn't mean much to the clay. I just wish that orange was a little brighter. It's kinda muddy in real life.

  4. I agree with your view of the orange. It's just not doing justice to the design. I like the lime green best. I'm getting into this color in a big way it seems. Which is strange, considering I'm not that fond of it LOL

    Good work!

  5. I love what you're doing with the contrasting background and foreground. I can't wait to see these in a jewelry project!

  6. This is an interesting conversation about colors and how they can look different on different computer screen. I'm liking that orange - sort of has that bronze, steamy look.

    Thanks for sharing,

  7. Joann,
    Thanks for your thoughts. Oh you know, that's funny, I meet so many people who didn't liek the color lime for years but are warming up to it. I have always liked it. Actually for me RED is the color I never wore but am warming up to now.

    Thanks, I am excited to actually make stuff with them too, once I finishe making the parts themselves!

    Yes, computer screens can really vary too. I wnder how these look on different monitors...