March 20, 2008

loops and eyes

Just a quick post today. Above, some handy photoshopping yesterday helped me create the options for loop configuration for the Steam Stones. I think that gives a lot of options, what do you think? My mind keeps racing with new ways to use these, but alas I have no time to play with my beads right now. Anyway, I added these options to the website, along with two of yesterday's color experiments. Now the color options look a little wonky, but I will fill in soon with two new ones, once I decide what they are! Below, some other new experiments with the Portal design. That design has endless options, which are very exciting.
They remind me of eyes a little, like robot eyes. Fun! Speaking of eyes, I had an eye appointment this morning, and had the *bonus* of getting 2 interns to examine my eyes, as well as the doctor. SO that meant repeating the same things at least 3 times and having bright lights shined into my eyes 3 times. YAY! And since I am prone to light sensitivity, flashing light induced migraines, well...double YAY! I am doing well now actually, after a nap and a snack. And the exam went well, my eyes and vision are great. But my eyes are all dilated and I look like a crazy alien robot monster. I guess I should keep the computer work to a minimum today, huh? bye.


  1. Tee hee he! I use the photoshop "trick" all the time! These are great!

  2. Ack, I have become a much better photoshopper than photographer. I know lots of *tricks* lol!