March 28, 2008

"look at the stars, look how they shine for you..."

look at all that yellow! Didn't I say I had a lot of shades? I will use one of these, they are all really similar though, so I guess I will pick one in the middle somewhere. Many of these are much more green that they look in this picture though. I think I have a nice lime, yellow, and red now though. I will be adding these to the Steam Stones page soon. The yellow will be called "hazard metal"
Also one minor change...the glaze chip called worn gunmetal has become strangely difficult to replicate. So I think I am going to offer the two choices above. The black and gunmetal one will become the new "worn gunmetal" and I think it is much better. It is still dark and metall-ey but it has some varied texture and there is a little contrast with the black sheen on the raised areas against the brown of the metallic gunmetal. I hope this does not offend, this change, but I think it is much better actually. And on the left, a gunmetal that has been wiped clean on the surfaces, which I will call "oxidation". I have used this finish on all the designs and it is consistent and very nice, I think.

I have much work to do then, better move along. How about some Coldplay with "Yellow" live for today's song...


  1. I like the yellow in the middle bottom row. It jumps out at me from the pic.

    I'm saving up my pennies to get some of your wonderful stuff!

  2. Joann, looking at it now, I like it too, on my screen. But I think my color correctin was a bit off there, unfortunatly. Will continue with the testing!

    Yay, thanks for saving your pennies for me! Are you on my mailing list? Because I feel a big Tax Day sale coming on...

  3. oops! That is a problem with computer monitors.

    Thanks for the link to your mailing list! I'm signed up.

  4. Melanie,
    The worn gunmetal bead is really nice. I could see that around a guys neck on some leather.

    My vote is bottom middle for the yellows.

    Have a great weekend,

  5. Jennifer, thanks! YAY some man beads! I am excited to do some masculine jewelry for once...