March 23, 2008

"Land awake from sleep, Hares will kick and leap...

Flowers climb erect, Smiling from the moist kiss of her rainbow mouthEnter Easter and she's dressed in yellow yolk
Now the son has died, the father can be born"

bunny cookie

Look! A cute bunny lolcat (lolbunny, I guess!) for Easter for you! *squee!*

Happy Easter, Springtime Celebration, Hoppy Bunny Day to you all! I will be visiting with my parents today, who instead of the traditional easter ham and such, want to barbecue. Even in the snow. This is my mom's transition into spring, getting out the grill! I am sure that means my dad will be out shivering and grilling chicken, hahaha! It will be fun and a day off at least.

I got much done yesterday, I glazed all the beads I needed to and fired TWO kilns! One will be opened soon and I will see some of my new Steam Stone color tests, so that's exciting! The rest if for orders, and tomorrow will be spent shipping. Tomorrow is also our last day to get our tax info together, as our appointment is Tuesday. Then I will be able to stop thinking about it. I still have much to do, but it is not too bad, I hope. And I am making a spring resolution to get more organized with my expenses this year, so I am not so overwhelmed at tax time next year. so we will see how that goes...

Ah, leave it to Andy Partridge to put a religious holiday in perspective for me...Today's song is XTC with Easter Theatre...


  1. Wishing you a Happy Easter. I hope you had a great day and enjoyed the family time.

  2. Thank you I did! I hope you had a nice day as well! Happy Spring!

  3. Hope you had a Happy Easter! I can't believe your folks grill in this weather. Did you get a lot of snow, too, last week? I just finished my tax stuff, too. I hate doing it, but it feels so good once it's done...

  4. Melissa,
    Thanks I had a good day! They usually don't grill in this weather, its crazy! But last week was nice enough, maybe. So my mom was determined. It was just chicken skewers, they cook really fast...we didn't go all out.

    Ugh, taxes make me sad. Will be done tomorrow if all goes well though...