March 17, 2008

I open my eyes and its a lovely day...

Yesterday was a day of multitasking. I sort of took the day off to visit my parents at their house, but I brought some tax stuff to work on. My mom took pity on me with my giant bag of shipping receipts and immediately tackled them with a highlighter and paperclips. Even Dad helped (well, when Mom gave him another highlighter and made him) I clicked away at my adding machine all afternoon, visiting for a while, and then working for a while, and by the end of my visit my whole bag was added up and done! YAY! Family labor is awesome.
This is a terrible picture above, it is a birdbath I made in college, but it looks springy and hopeful to me. It was taken last year sometime. Sorry about the icky water, but that means it was being well used. It is the bottom 2 parts of what was a 5 part piece, there are three other parts that stack on top, too. This is in my parents' yard most of the year, and the birds love it. The little cups on the side are supposed to be for seed, and the top parts involve another carved urn shapes, a pitcher, and a bowl that drips water down to the big bowl like a fountain. It was quite a work, it took over a year to do the whole thing. I wonder if I have a picture of it all assembled together from my college show...?
Above, Zoey on the porch, acting like the queen of the yard. She loves going to gramma's!

It is a lovely day out, and although I have heard dirty rumours of more snow ahead, I am going to carry on like it is spring. I just had a few project submission accepted for winter projects, so I am thinking I better do them right away, while I still see that little patch of snow in the back yard from my window, before spring officially arrives, because it will be very hard to work on holiday ornaments and wintery things then!

A bit of inspiration below, as I haven't posted a video in a while. A song from Keane that is new to me, as I bought some B sides on I tunes. I love this song, it's beautiful and sad (like just about every other Keane song) and is about snow! I like songs about snow, I think. It is called Snowed Under.

Link to video on You Tube


  1. Such a beautiful bird bath! Great picture with all the plants and leaves...

  2. Thanks! It really looks best when there are birdies enjoying it, as intended!