March 22, 2008

i has a sad wif teh snow

Look spring birdies! I think they are mocking me. This is not spring! We ahve snow, lots of it, enough so it needs to be shovelled. And I need my boots. It was gone. Now it is back. I am not happy. Like this LOLcat:

I think I will be posting my favorite LOLcats for the next week to cheer me up. And I have a LOLcat (well, a LOLhamster actually) inspired artwork next week for Ornament Thursday, so Stay tuned. I am off for a serious day of buckling down and glazing. Have a good weekend!


  1. I wuv ur wittle birdies!!!
    They are such happy spring colors.
    Keep thinking spring...its coming.

  2. *cry* It *will* come someday, won't it? sigh...