March 26, 2008

hazard! warning! life is unfair

Well the tax man was unkind yesterday. Actually we a have tax lady, and she is really nice, but you know what I mean. Our taxes are so complicated for some reason, they struggle with it, so that means I know we would go insane trying to figure it out. But, as it ends up, we did not pay nearly enough during the year in estimated tax and we both did really well this year, both making more money and yet spending less. So that's the good news, eh? But now we owe uncle Sam a pretty penny, and it hurts to see that big fat number come out of our savings. That's the deal though, I suppose. We have a lot of be thankful for, especially doing well in this economy, so I better put on my rosy glasses and carry on.

above, my quest for a hazard yellow orange created a pretty cool fade of colors. I have about 5 more yellows to try which I will do today. There will be fun new stuff going in today's kiln, so tomorrow will be an exciting morning. Don't forget to come back to see my Ornament Thursday offering and links, plus I will have lots of extra cuteness for tomorrows post. I think I need more lols.

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