March 16, 2008

gear glaze geekery

Ok, very quickly here, Sunday wrap up and plan for the week. Yesterday was FUN! A day off to leave the studio and talk to people. YAY! Met some great new people, had some fun playing video games, and ate pizza. That's a good day, eh? Above, a promising glaze test for the Steam Stones on the left. As you may recall from my Steam Week post about color, I was searching for a deep maroon glaze. I never found one on its own, but you can see when I combined the metallic gunmetal glaze with the really red glaze (shown center, below) it created the perfect color I have been searching for! That is but only one test though, so i must test further to see if it was just a fluke.
You may also recall that I wanted to incorporate the three colors above into the palatte. I am excited to try the acid green and orange with this same combination to see what happens. I also want to try all three with the deep black glaze on the right in the top photo. Many exciting tests to try this week, I am looking forward to it! The three bright pieces above went out to one of my super cool friends, I hope she will make something super cool with them. She always does. I told her they were *cheerful* gears.
just for kicks, again, the brain thing from City of Lost Children. This will be my brain this week, feeling sort of pickled and zapped, as we head into dreaded Tax Week of Doom. Our appointment is right after Easter, so I gotta move and get my expenses for the year figured out. My system for keeping track is getting better each year, but I am not completely organized, and there are the really dreaded things like trying to figure out my Paypal expenses. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do spreadsheets and use the Paypal archives, it is really dreadful. sigh. my least favorite part of my job.


  1. Wow, that red turned out awesomely! Hard to believe that it's the same as the bright one below. Chemical interactions are FUN!

  2. Hey! Yeah I told you about this didn't I? I think the iron or some other metal from the surrounding glaze effected the bright red to make the perfect maroon! This was a flat tile though, so I do have to see what happens when it is suspended in the kiln. But it is a little kernel of excitement that might grow into something cool!

  3. Ooooh! Super cool color combo! Don't get me started on the whole tax thing! I don't even bother entering anything into my accounting program for the last year until February. I just end up printing all of my paypal records at once! Blech!

  4. hey thanks, I am digging the red too!

    Urg, well I did better this year tracking my income at least, I entered all of it in Quickbooks as I made it, but the expenses are a different story. I maen I am organized, everything gets sorted by type in folders, its just the manual adding that gets me.

    I don't know aobut you but I can't figure out how to download the Paypal info, and it is slow as mud bringing up each month's pages. There must be an easier way...