March 2, 2008

Flourishing Filigree

Above, another new project from the April issue of Simply Beads Magazine. It is called Flourishing Filigree. More fun with Vintaj brass, plus some silk ribbon, and a Lillypilly shell centerpiece. ooh, and those little fancy crystal filigree beads! I got the shell, ribbon, and the beads at Bead & Button last year...I actually matched them up at the show, which is unusual for me. Then I made the Linky things to match and it all came together with the addition of the brass. I am pleased with it!

Looking at these last few pieces, I realized that I was using a lot of other artist beads and unusual findings when designing these. They are a little light on the Earthenwood beads, lol! Which is fine, it doesn't have to be ALL about me all the time, and it allows me to be diverse. But I am thinking now that I want to design some things with more of my parts, with more clay in them. This takes some extra planning, so I am keeping it in mind...

I have been asked pretty frequently lately what I do with the finished jewelry that I have made for projects and samples. Honestly, I usually hoard it. I mean I wear some of my favorite pieces, and display them at shows, but I am going to shows less and less, and I have enough jewelry to adorn an army. So I guess I need to address this issue. Any suggestions? I mean I could just throw them in my Etsy shop, but I was thinking of selling them to raise some money for charities. I am interested in Ebay's Mission Fish, as I believe this is what they do. But I have not used it before...anyone have any experience with it?

So big, big week ahead. I have a bead show on Sunday that I feel really unprepared for. I am scrounging the studio for beads to sell, as there is no time left to make stock. I will have to clear out the Etsy shop to stock the show. I also am going to help jury a local art fair on Wednesday, which I am excited about. I have submissions due for a magazine's holiday issue, so I am backtracking trying to get into the December mindset again. And it is Challenge week on Art Bead Scene, and we have a big anniversary this month, so we are doing it big time! Lots and lots to do...


  1. I haven't personally used MissionFish, but LL-BFAC is set up with them, and in addition to doing our annual challenge auctions by use of them, several beaders have auctioned jewelry off and used the MissionFish system to donate all or part of the proceeds to us.

    As such, if no one else chimes in with some expertise, I can ask one of them to tell you about their experience with it :)

  2. I have no experience with Ebay at all, so it makes me nervous. I have never even purchased from Ebay! But it seems like a really cool thing, and a legit way to prove you are giving to charity. I have sold things for Charity before on Etsy and the like, but I wonder if people believe me...there is nothing to prove I am actually giving, you know?

    Anyway, that's the thought for today...

  3. have a great time and good luck with the show!

    xox jean

  4. Thanks Jean, I will try my bestest to take some pictures. It's not a huge show, but our bead guild is awesome and quite fierce!

  5. Well, in my experience, Etsy is about 500-1000% easier to use than eBay. Every time I list on eBay (and I haven't in years because of this), it's grown more complicated and the fees have become more expensive.

    But it does have the benefit of bidding, so you can earn more money, and the built in legitimacy of MissionFish.

    There may be a happy medium! Does GenCon have a charity auction? I know a lot of conventions do, and I bet the ladies who attend would love the chance to buy some pretty jewelry.

  6. Yeah Etsy is great and easy. I haven't done Ebay, but I did Just Beads, and that was expensive and hard to use for me. Etsy is perfect!

    I don't know about Gen Con. I am leery right now about them though, eek!

    I am sure the right opportunities will pop up...I just got one in my inbox today!

    Thanks for the help~

  7. Maybe you can sell them on Etsy mentioning in the description that the money raised will go to a charity and then donate the profits to a charity.

    Also sometimes charities have special events with lucky-draw prizes/auctions so maybe it’s worth trying to contact some local charities to see if they would be interested in using your work for these events.