February 23, 2008

finally, a steamy website update

ok, my friends, you have been so patient, and yet so persistent! I have put the Steam Stone component line up on the Earthenwood retail website. You can see them here: clickie!

Above, some of the accents line. Missing is a long "screwed" link and charm, which I have not fired yet. They should be cool. I am really excited about these and can't wait to make bunches of them!

Keep scrolling to read about the inspiration behind each of these designs, and the colors...as Steam Week continues...


  1. WOOHOO!! This little beadophile is very happy now. I LOVE the new line. You rock! Now, go take that nap--you deserve it. :)

  2. YAY! I can't wait to buy some of these up!

  3. sweet! I even got them up on the Wholesale site today. Whee! You have the link, right AJ?

  4. Melanie, I sure do! I'm going to let the idea of what I want percolate in my head and then order next week, if nothing comes up :D

    (my vintage "light bulbs" arrived today, so I'm really in a steampunky mood!)

  5. Incredible! The keyhole is my fav. Love the name too-steam stones, so clever!

  6. Cynthia,
    Thank you so very much! I am planning something with the keyhole and one of your skeleton keys! Plus I have a precious shibiuchi clasp with a key too...

    coolness! I bet those lightbulbs are great! Hope you brew up some great ideas

    Thanks, I think the keyhole is my favorite too. As you can see, I already called it ONE, because I am planning more.

  7. you totally blew me away. I am so proud to know you!!! wow!jean

  8. How cool and unique! I've never seen anything like these. I swear someday I'm going to turn Steampunk....Is that a good or bad thing I wonder! Thanks for the neat preview of your things!