March 11, 2008

the extra table

Sorry folks, still so tired and heaped with work. I am making headway and getting orders shipped, but I apologize for the lack of response to some of the emails and general lack of activity here. I will bounce back soon, until then some more show pics. Above, the Left side of the booth. Below, the Right side.
ooh, and below, a surprise! When I arrive in the morning, I was very happy that I had set up the night before, and had two whole hours to fuss and visit with friends. Wrongo! Turns out a ton of people cancelled from Ohio because of the storm, so I got a free extra table. So I had to redo my whole display pretty much. But I never turn down a free table, so I made the best of it.
I spread out my article displays and set out all the things I had packaged up and put on sale from my Etsy shop. See the packages below? They looked cute! I marked everything 25% off and am now relisting it in Etsy with the same discount, so you can benefit from the bead show too!
Below, just a bowl of biggie buttons, for fun. Have a good night, all!


  1. oooooo I love your arranging!

  2. Oh, I bought the chartreuse swirl star button in the bottom picture! Your booth was great & I had fun chatting with you. Hope you're getting rested up!

  3. Jean,

    HAHAHA I wondered if anyone would spot something that they bought! I took this pic pretty early, before the display got destroyed by those wild bead guild ladies! I love them!