March 25, 2008

emo dog, tax doom, and car hell

Oh yay, it is a day filed with dreadful, boring *real life* stuff. Very unpleasant. We have our tax appointment today, so hopefully this will be the end of thinking about numbers and the terrible feeling I get like I am drowning in numbers and paper. We also get to take our car into the dealership for another time way too many to fix some mysterious thing that is wrong with it. blah. I feel like this little guy today:
But in happier thoughts, I have some new glaze tests I am excited on the quest for the perfect hazard yellow/orange and metallic mix for my steam stones. I also have the new heart stones above which are simple but exciting. Wait until you see what I did with one of them. I wrapped it with Vintaj findings and it is really cool. I am using it in an upcoming ad.

Also last night I played with something new...seed beads and beadwork. I am very inexperienced with beadwork honestly, and feel a little out of my element, but I have a great idea. I might have to enlist the help of some of you, my beady friends, for some basics on thread choices and knotting techniques. I don't even know the language of it. Better read up. My experiment was not entirely successful, but shows promise, so I am excited. More later...


  1. Ohhhh! I LOVE the hearts! I have a thing about hearts in non-traditional colors. Did you have any problems hanging the metallic colors?

  2. I love the heart in the lower left corner - it reminds me of antiqued metal. Good luck with the taxes!

  3. Congratulations on joining the world of seed beads and weaving :) If there's anything I can help with, just let me know!

  4. Love the hearts...and hate taxes, too!

  5. Gaea, thanks, these metallics are fun! No I didnt' have any trouble with these, but I have had problems when the pendants had carving on them. That's why I designed this smooth heart, to use with the metallics.

    Melissa, Thanks I was pleased with how that turned out too! Thanks for the luck wishes too.

    AJ, I might have some beading questions for you, thanks!

    Thanks and yes taxes make little puppies cry.