March 24, 2008

easter candy peep show

Yum, don't these beads look like easter candy? I have been making a lot of these, this is the Fiesta color set of the beads for the Flower Field bracelet that Jean Yates designed for Bead Style. I think the timing was just perfect for this combination of colors, so I am glad they were shown in the article.

Speaking of Easter candy, I haven't had any jelly beans this year, I might have to find some on sale this week. I think I will look for some really good ones, like Jelly Bellys. I have had some Peeps though, those are irresistible to me. My mom got me a package of yellow chicks. I am sure you have all seen this sassy Peep picture, but I will show it anyway, to add to my collection of favorite lolcats this week:
see more crazy cat pics


  1. I love the fiesta colors-where can I see the bracelet-didn't find it on her blog?! I love LOLcats (and bunnys and peeps) too! Still haven't made a thing with my Goth girl purples or my blue moons- I am stuck!

  2. Hi Gina! Hmm, well I think it is only in the print issue, I haven't seen it online at all, but you may have seen the style of the bracelet on Jean's site on this page:

    I love the whole LOLuniverse! I am posting my favorites all week...I have a project on Thursday inspired by them sort of.

  3. I was just stopping bY to say hi and now you shave totall cracked me up with the peeps pic!!!AHAHAHAH

  4. HAHAHA Jean, i knew you would like it! I can tell you were laughing by your message, because it is spelled all wonky!!! LOL!

  5. Melanie

    I love that Peep Show, my friend Susan sent it to me last week and I fell off of my chair laughing!

    Too good!

    Those colors are so YUMMY! I need Fiesta colors! They're so Lilly Pulitzer!

    The Steam Punk stuff is amazing.


  6. Thanks for stopping by Margot! Yeah the peep show is too funny, I laugh everytime I see it! Thanks for the compliments...

  7. Those Easter beads are FANtastic! Of course, I love all of your beads but those feel like they have a voice.

    Ok...need more coffee. :)

  8. Hey Lori! Haven't seen you in a while. Thanks so much for stopping by...

  9. LOL!!!! And the yummy colors are delish!

  10. Have you seen the Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest winners? Your lolcat reminded me of it. Here's a link to their website:
    (hope it's okay to put this in comments - feel free to delete, if not!)

  11. Melissa,
    THANKS! for that link! Yes that's ok to leave in the commetns, thanks so much! Those were hilarious! I had seen the Project Runway one but I didn't know it was from a diorama challenge. LOVE IT!