March 4, 2008

Chugging along...

I am moving along at a slow pace but am getting things done. I did a great deal of photography and editing this morning, as I am submitting several things to magazines today. I finally got the first set of Steam Stones photographed for the web, shown above, in the basic web colors. I do this because that particular glaze is very consistent, and shows the details well, and I like all the pages to look similar. I still have to settle on the Steam colors which will vary from the regular site colors.
Above, a few new Steam Bits, accent beads for this line. There are 6 types shown above, each a little different. I wanted to make them have a design on the outside and also underneath, as shown below, to make them a little more versatile. They are discs, and I think they can be used "hole up" for some projects, likea mini donut, so I wanted that little detail. I have some other new accents that I designed yesterday that I am excited about as well. Its hard to come up with accent beads...I tend to design more charms and links, so I am excited to be able to offer these.
In other news, I watched a bizarre art house film last night about Gustav Klimt. It starred John Malkovich as the artist and was less of a biography than a glimpse into the mind of a possibly insane man. Very little of his art was shown, and it was pretty crazy and random, although quite beautiful. There were lots of nekkid ladies lounging around and crazy dream sequences. Very strange, still trying to get a grip on it.

Ok, off to my submissions and to making some beads. I declare it is the last day of wet work before the Bonanza this weekend, so I gotta motor...


  1. These are awesome! I love that they are all a uniform size. I couldn't (nor should I!) pick a favorite! The accent beads are beautiful too! Delish!

  2. Thanks! They are slightly off in size (the gear is smaller) and it kinda bugs me, so thanks for telling me I might be too picky here...

    Hey I just realized I am missing the keyhole! Dang it!

  3. Love these: ps: I tagged you on my blog!