March 9, 2008

a bonanza of beads

Today's show is done, I am so sleepy tired. Here's a quickie booth shot from today (I actually took a few pics!) Will share more with you tomorow. G'Night!


  1. WOW! Your setup looks so awesome! I love those lamps you used. I could have seriously used those for my first craft fair that I attended with my best friend. We were in a basement of a church, not near a plug, and it was soooo dark you couldn't see the jewelry sparkle at all!
    Anyhoo, nice job! I hope you were successful!

  2. Hey Thanks! Those lights are the cheap ottlite-STYLE lights (the cheap ones) from Joann Fabrics. I have a bunch of them, I use the store coupons for them, but they are only like $30 retail. They are more true light, so are good for color. Plus they fold up pretty compact. Of course you do have to have access to electricity!