March 10, 2008

bead show crash

so, so tired still, my feet ache and I am indeed whiny and grumpy. I did have a good show, I am just dealing with the post-show crash, so I think it will be best for all if I just post a few pics and go take a nap.

The center of the table, with my new Steam Stones and Vintaj wrapped pendants, which I called Alchemical Adornments. Oh how I love alliteration!

Have a good day, all. More pics tomorrow. Stop on over to Art Bead Scene to see my prize celebrating the ABS birthday! You can win $50 of my beads if you submit an entry to the challenge in the next 5 days!


  1. WOW! Such creativity in one place...looks wonderful! The steam stones and the Vintaj look beautiful...woo-hoo...I know the feet are tired...but look at all you've done.

  2. Wish I could have been there in person to see your new work. Maybe in the falls. Go get some rest, you deserve it!

  3. Katarinasmama,
    Thanks so much, it was fun, I just get so wiped out after a show. Thanks for the compliments

    Aw, we missed you. I hope you do come in the fall!