February 1, 2008

White Snow, Black Hearts

Yesterday I added some new Jet Black versions of some of my popular heart charms to the website, on the Memento Mori page. I did a little bit of touching up here and there to the site, getting ready for some upcoming press and highlighting some items for that. I have a lot of these little web updates to to, nothing major, just little nibblets here and there.

We got a lot of snow last night, which is weird because it had all melted and it was sorta warm yesterday. And I am all confused again because its all white outside, kinda pretty, but very cold. And yesterday my emergency earring projects were for summer, so I had to think bright colors and warm weather, and that always confuses me. Because I am so in black and white and red February mode right now.
Today is a full day of photography and I am waiting for a shipment of findings so I can do it all. These are special toggles and earwires for some new bead sets for a very exciting new article out very soon...more about that next week. I will be doing some writing later too, and probably making beads later tonight. I have lots of orders to work on right now. Time to hunker in and get moving. Lots to do. Hi Ho Hi Ho. It's off to work I go...

So I randomly searched "Snow" on You Tube and came upon Snow White. I found this crazy video that I had seen for the first time this morning. Its a black and white Betty Boop cartoon from 1933. I have never really been into Betty, but she is pretty cool. This video is wacky and really trippy. In the middle, there is a little solo bit of a clown/prince/ghost? that is apparently Cab Calloway singing. It's pretty crazy! I have been thinking about Dwarves lately too in a way, although you only see Snow White's for a second in this video. I just finished the fourth of five Spiderwick books (alert the presses! Melanie is READING!) and it was set in an underground dwarf city in a rock quarry, where the dwarves were superb metalsmiths. I loved the imagery and the description of the metalwork, it made me long a bit for my silversmithing days....

Link to video on You Tube


  1. Yum! I love the black hearts! I will have to get some next time I place an order!

  2. Hey Thanks! I kind of want to do a jet companion to the Broke Heart, but something different and gothy. Like with a scar/dripping blood or something. Too morbid? Hmm. And something for the lips too, but not lips. Maybe an eye of some kind, but that's kinda creepy...

  3. I am loving all this stuff--and your blog from Sunday is really interesting and cool!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Jean!

  5. These are so sweet. I just love handmade lil hearts. The black ones are my fav.