February 16, 2008

Steam Weekend: machinery in motion

Steam Weekend: day one. I said I was taking the weekend off from Steam Week, so I will keep it short and just show a little eye candy and extra stuff I have collected. Above, a necklace I made last night, dying to put my new stuff into action, even though it is only a flat tile. I just received these brass hinged frames from Ornamentea, and it just happened to fit in perfectly! Most of the rest of the brass is from Vintaj Natural Brass Co. with a few little brass charms and accents from here and there. Below, a few more process shots of works in progress. I used the gear mold and the original carving to make another positive and negative pressing. These will be cleaned up and sharpened, and fired hotter, to shrink them down. In the end, the goal is to have a variety of molds and stamps of the gear design in different sizes that I can press into clay.I hope you will drop by the Art Bead Scene blog today, I did a post that is sort of a synopsis of my week of steam so far, and there is an opportunity to win a free gear component by leaving a comment and answering my question about inspiration.

I found this great video of some behind the scenes, process clips of steampunk band Abney Park with their song "Airship Pirates". Check out their website, too, its beautiful! I love the idea of a music band, or authour or artist for that matter, dressing in full fantasy costume to perform. I could see myself doing that at a show or convention selling my wares...Chuck and I always wanted to do Renaissance festivals where the vendors dress up in costume. Although the reality of braving the hot summer sun in a corset and velvet sounds like pure hell to me.

Link to Video on You Tube

Here is a little more Abney Park, this one is a fan video of "Thorns and Brambles" set to scenes from the movie Mirror Mask, a Neil Gaiman story. I have not seen this yet, it's on my agenda for tonight. It looks really cool!

Link to video on You Tube


  1. Hi Melanie,
    As always your work is always absolutely beautiful, creative and different. You got talents Miss Melanie, Congrats!

  2. MirrorMask is an amazing movie! It's one of my favorites, but then again, I love Neil Gaiman's work.

    Have you come across Dr. Steel in your steampunk research yet? He dresses up like a mad scientist for his concerts.

    And not all Ren Faires are in the Summer... in AZ, ours is in March, because Summer is too hot to do anything outdoors!

  3. Yolanda,
    Thank you so much for your kind words, and for taking the time to stop by and comment!

    Yeah it looks good..going to pop some popcorn tonight, I think! My movie luck has not been great lately. I got one vampire one that freaked me out I couldnt' watch it all (will talk about it tomorrow) and dang it, my Time Machine from netflix was chipped and unplayable.

    No I haven't seen Dr Steel. I will look. LOL it makes me think of Blue Steel from Zoolander...

    Yeah we have a great one all summer long in MI, but our weather here is hot AND humid. Bleh! Faeriecon had a similiar feel but was indoors (in philly...i think the Eugene one is out)

    Oh by the way that band you like QUANTL (??) is playing both Faerie con events this year...I get the Con emails

  4. Your necklace is AMAZING!!! I LOVE IT!

  5. QNTAL will be at the Philly faerie con? I may have to sneak out there! They're an awesome band.

    Sorry about your bad movie luck. We've had quite a few Netflix discs arrive in lousy shape, including some that were cracked all the way from the edge to the center.

  6. AJ,
    Yes I believe so...I saw that in the newsletter from Faerie con and tought of you instantly.

    Most of the Netflix come in good shape, sometimes I think our DVD is touchy too.

    I am sad there is no mail tomorrow though, only because it delays my movie research!

  7. Melanie, the way the glaze sets in the raised gear makes it look like a smiling gear! Now, that's steampunk!

  8. mjlayman,
    HAHAHA! My hubby was just saying that I can't do anything without it being cute-like, and I was all No, I am doing very serious things!

    And *BAM* there is a little smily gear, LOL!

    He is often correct about me, even when I don't see it...

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting.