February 20, 2008

Steam Week: Time and Space, part one

Welcome to day seven, part one, of Steam Week. Last night I watched the movie Time Machine, the 2002 version. I am embarrassed to say I have never read the Time Machine by HG Wells, or much sci-fi at all. So I don't know how close to the book this was. Obviously it had some contemorary themes like the holographic tour guide played by Orlando Jones. It was entertaining, the film, but eh... Anyway, I liked the machine and the gadgets and got lots of ideas for steampunk timepiece inspired carvings. Above, the very beginnings of a pocketwatch carving, one inch square. It needs a LOT of detailing still, I only worked on it for maybe a half hour.
So, Time has been a great inspiration! Lots of jewelry makers who do steampunk styled jewelry use clock and watch bits, tiny gears and watch faces, and cogs and such. For instance, the necklace below, Steamwork Clockwork III by Jen at Monkeyshines Beadery is made of real vintage watch guts. I liked this piece as soon as I saw it. And soon it will be MINE all mine!
My hopes are that my new components will work well for jewelry designers who work with vintage and found items. It's hard to find those old parts, I know, so these components will be good to add something handmade and new to go with the vintage and commercial bits. Soemthing old, something new...
Above, more new things, little accent beads: cog bits and screwed bits in some new glazes. I love these and want to make piles of them!

Below, a cool video I found, a promo for the Alan Parsons Project, with some Dr. Evil audio clips in there too. I love all the different clocks and the whole look of this.

Link to video on You Tube


  1. Love the pocketwatch - can't wait to see the final product! Those accent beads are super-cool, too...

  2. hey thanks melissa! I am feelign crummy today so I might just curl up and carve tonight...