February 12, 2008

Steam Week: prepare for take-off

Welcome to day two of Steam Week. In my research, I am discovering so many great things, and there are all these little sub-sub genres out there. It is amazing. So I am going to try to focus on one little theme a day. Today is about avaiation. Last night I watched a great anime, Steamboy, and carved the two 1" tiles above. Well, I was pretty absorbed in my carving, so I didn't really even get to watch much of it, unfortunately. One of the carvings is a propeller and the other is a portal, which has many options. I have decided to stick with mainly these 1" squares, and to do a whole series of them that can be mixed together and to give them interesting multiple loop configurations. I will likely also do some 1x2" rectangles too. But sticking with this small square seems like a good direction. They are pretty boring inthe raw porcelain now, but stick with me as they transform throughout the next week or so...Above, not a new design, but an old one with a new glaze that I unearthed from the vast collection of glaze samples in the basement that I can't let go of, because they might come in handy someday. This one is rusty yet shiny with a bit of green sometimes...I think it is a great find (or re-discovery) I hope to be listing several of these winged pendants in the Etsy shop this evening.
Aviation at the turn of the century ala Amelia Earhart shown above, seems to be a big component in the Steampunk look. It fits the time period (Victorian, turn of the century) which was full of new steam technology, industrial revolution, the beginings of aviation, pioneer rebellion spirit, and adventure. I really don't know much about Earhart, and I feel like I should. It sounds like she was an amazing woman. And I am coveting her goggles and cap. And coat. Want to see more cool goggles, a staple in the Steampunk look? Drool here: Goggles on Flickr I want some, but am feeling it might be more in the spirit to make my own. And a quick google search shows many DIY tutorials and photos.So "Steamboy" was a delightful film, a little long, but very beautiful. Very detailed. And the story was good, about a boy faced with difficult decisions about science, technology and war, and in the impossible situation of having to choose between his family members, his patriarchy. Above, an early drawing for the film, and below an action still.
Today's song is "Rust2" by steampunk music artist Vernian Process (great name... after author Jules Verne I presume) I have been hit and miss with Steampunk as a music genre. It is often too hard for me, too industrial. This is great, it's industrial but also beautiful with some classical elements. The song is set to clips from "Steamboy"

Link to video on You Tube

Vernian Process on the My Space


  1. Mmmm, that rusty glaze is gorgeous!

    My brother made a pair of goggles for my DH for the holidays, by modifying a pair of normal welding goggles.

  2. Thanks, I don't know if my picture is really great. It is very carnelian-ey with a bit of deep green in the cracks. I have to test it more times to make sure it is consistent, and not a fluke.

    Want Goggles.

  3. I agree that Ms. Earhart was an amazing chick! I have a cat named after her because she was the first to leave the basket of kittens, the first to explore, the first to "fly" from the back of the couch... =)


  4. I'm so glad that I had a moment to catch up on blog-reading this week! Yay steampunk!

    If you haven't seen it yet, google for pics of the Steampunk treehouse at Burning Man.. there is a serious following of steam power out in the desert... and check out Offbeat Bride's blog a month or two back for some steampunk wedding coverage!

    I'm going to haul my b/f over here so he can see.. he's been thinking of doing some mods to his computing area in this genre.. whee!

  5. Christa
    Hey there! Thanks I will go look for those links, they sound great! I am like a sponge right now.

    I saw some great computer midification at Brass Goggles I think...the keyboard, the monitor, a webcam.

    I could see one getting really wrapped up in this and making it a whole lifestyle, with fashion and home decor, not just the little jewelry bits that I am doing...