February 24, 2008

Steam Week: the Earthenwood compendium

This post is the compendium of links created in my research in the fantasy genre of Steampunk, which I did over the course of two weeks, sharing some of my thoughts, findings, and inspirations. These posts show my process of creating a new line of ceramic jewelry components called Steam Stones, which started as one inch porcelain carvings, created in direct response to the day's research. Heavily inspired by steampunk in films, many of these posts have short video clips to accompany the images and words, a multi media experience! Please enjoy...

introduction, the first carving (a gear) and the original 1920's Metropolis as the inspiration

two new carvings: a portal and a propeller, with the anime Steamboy as inspiration, and music by Vernian Process

new buckle carving, talk of cowboys and outlaws, Firefly/Serenity as inspiration, and the Cassettes

keyhole carving and skeleton key sketch, mad scientists, and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

progress thus far, the first molds and pressings, and an interview video clip with Datamancer

the very first piece of jewelry made with the new components (also shown above) plus Abney Park and MirrorMask

some glaze tests, talk of steam punk vampires, Rasputina and Ergo Proxy

a shipwheel carving, nautical steampunk inspiration, Stardust and Captain Shakespeare, and the anime Laputa: Castle in the Sky

a furnace carving, locomotives, Harry Potter, Howl's Moving Castle, and Vernian Process

a pocketwatch carving, the Time Machine, Monkeyshines, and Alan Parsons

Steam Week: Time & Space: part two
a compass carving and the Golden Compass

many glaze tests and thoughts about color, inspired by the City of Lost Children

a triple gear pendant, Tesla, electricity, and the Prestige


  1. Miss "Steampunk" Melanie:

    LOVE the collage of links for your finished piece....punkalicious!

    Enjoy your day!


  2. Thank you for doing Steam Week, Melanie! It's been very fun to see the beads AND the inspiration! You rock :D

  3. Robin & AJ,
    Thanks so much for reading! I was happy to share...

  4. It's funny how steampunk is becoming more and more talked about.

    I recently made a steampunk postcard. I knew roughly what steampunk involved, but I still did a lot of research. It was indeed challenging, but fun.