February 25, 2008

Ring Ring, Toot Toot

After two full weeks devoted to Steam Week, which was some pretty serious research and intensive blogging, I am pretty blogged out. I am buried in work, still haven't touched my paperwork for expenses for income tax, and have slacked on sharing all the press and news I have going on right now. So all this week, I am calling it in a little bit (ring ring), with simpler posts and shameless self promotion and horn tooting (toot toot), to catch you up with what's going on around here.

First up, the Joy of Drama bracelet, in the new Spring issue of Stringing Magazine. I submitted 4 bracelets to this issue and 3 were accepted. Usually, all of the bracelets in the issue are shown in a group over a few pages, but they asked for a full page of instructions for this entry, which was an exciting deviation. It's an earthy, chunky charm bracelet made with beautiful hand dyed silk, a couple of my porcelain beads (a leaf and a linky thing), and charms by Green Girl, Lily Studios, and Vintage Faerie...some of my very favorite things! The Green Girl fairy coin charm says Joy on the back and the Vintage Faerie says Drama, thus the inspiration for the title of the bracelet!
I will show you the other pieces from this issue in the next couple of days. It is supposed to reach the bookstores tomorrow, so go look for it, it is another beautiful issue!


  1. Wow, I love how you put this bracelet together! Such a variety of great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks! You know it's funny, I made this bracelt pretty quickly, it was the last one I made before I shipped it out. So I just gathered some of my favorite things and whipped it together in a few minutes. I think it has that feeling of immediacy, and it is full of my favorite yummy things, so it is kinda cool that it was chosen as a full project. Sometimes you labor over things, and sometimes they just happen...

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this bracelet! It's so quirky and fun, yet has such earthy colors. mmmm, love it.
    I saw it in Stringing, which I picked up last week at my local bead shop!
    ;) Thanks for posting it though!
    (All of your submitted pieces are fabulous,by the way!)

  4. Great job! I love how you've used the Green Girl pieces. Everything seems to go together so nicely.

  5. WOW! That bracelet turned out AMAZING- LOVE it! I adore the way all of the different beads, charms, clasp and silk blend together almost as if they were made for each other. Great inspiration and so nice to see something gorgeous and different out there.

    Great job on the article- can't wait to see the issue!!!

    Oh, and a BIG thank you!!!
    Take care-

  6. Boy, you hit it on the head when you said, "Sometimes you labor over things, and sometimes they just happen..." I had 2 necklaces in that issue of Stringing and one of them I just labored over and the other (the one with your beads) just came together in a snap!

  7. Lorelei,
    Thank you so much! You know I love the earth tones, its what I do best. I was afraid this was too earthy to be springy, but I think the pinks helped. Everything else I did was very colorful, more traditionally spring colored, and I wrapped up with this brown one to cleanse my palatte or something. I am glad they chose it as a project!

    Yeah I really dipped into my GG stash on this one! They are so wnderful to work with, it makes it easy to make pretties!

    Thanks so much! Go look at the bookstore! Did you get my note that this piece, the part with your Drama pendant, are peeking out of the cover of the magazine? YAY!

    That's funny, I am glad I am not alone there. I think I alternate, working bout ways...quick and spontaneous and thoughtful and deliberate. I think it creates variety...I love the piece you did, I will blog on that next!

  8. Lookin' good! Love the mix of materials!

  9. Cynthia, Thanks! Hey, when you have great stuff to work with, you can make the pretties very easily...