February 6, 2008

lost in space...

Today I was going to blog about the earrings in Bead Style magazine that feature my beads, but I will do that tomorrow, because I woke up to some emails about my beads being on the Etsy front page last night. YAY! I did not catch it, the front page had changed by the time I woke up. So the treasury is Lost in cyber Space, but my friend Beverly was kind enough to take a screen shot for me, which you can see above. My Mermaid pendant set is in the top left corner.

Thanks to LunaLove for including me in her treasury, filled with lots of rainy, oceanic, moonlit items. It is quite a beautiful selection if items, isn't it? Click to go to her shop, which is filled with gorgeous jewelry, made with fine stones and materials and art beads. Below, a close up of the Water Goddess Pendant that was in the treasury.

Ok, for the video for today, I searched for Luna on You Tube, because isn't LunaLove a great name? And I came upon Luna Lovegood videos! And I just watched Order of the Pheonix this weekend, and she is such a ethereal character, so sweet. I wasn't really thrilled with the music from the fanvids that I found (lots of Avril for some reason...teen angst?) This song is "Lost in Space" by Fountains of Wayne, who I don't really know, and I don't think I like them, but the video is nice, so...

Oh and for some reason my Blogger spell check hasn't been working all week (anyone else?) so please forgive the enevitable spelling errors. I can spell, really! I just can't type!