February 2, 2008

"I've waited hours for this, I've made myself so sick...

I wish I'd stayed asleep today"

LOL, that sounds so melodramatic! I love the Cure! I will tell you about why I chose this song in a minute, I am not really so drama filled today, it's just kinda random!
So I am movng along, I got a lot of things done yesterday. Lots of photography and photoshop work and website updates. I wrote up 6 project proposals which is the hardest part for me, figuring out the titles and descriptions. Seriously, it's torturous! I need my online thesaurus handy and I really have to be in the mood. Jewelry design is a breeze compared to it! Why do you think I steal lyrics from songs for my posts everyday?...it's because its HARD for me to be creative like that! Anyway, its done and I am happy. I am a little behind on my beads and writing now, though, so I better get my hands in some clay today and get some orders moving!
Today's pictures are of some clasps that I just listed in the Etsy shop. They were experimental, and I think successful. I am always wanting to come up with some kind of clasp ideas. The heart one above is a toggle, and I like it, although I haven't used it in a jewlery design. It could be used with the hole at the bottom but I think it woudl also be cute as a pendant clasp, with part of the necklace attached to the heart loop and the other half attached to the toggle bar. Oh, and then you could even hang a tassel down! Hm...now I kind of want it back, lol! I can make another one... Below, is a padlock clasp. I had made one before, a white one. It's kinda fun! I don't know, maybe these will make it to the website eventually. What do you think?

So onto the song of the day. Really, I just googled "clasp" into You Tube but didn't find anything that worked for me. So I googled "close" like the verb "to close" and came up with the Cure and "Close to Me". YAY fun with words! And this is one of my favorite Cure songs, and I love the video, it is so clausterphobic, which it perfect for the song. As far as the title of this post, I picked it because fortunately I am feeling just about 100% better from my cold, but unfortunately I think I gave it to Chuck. boo hoo! Another round of Nyquil and chicken soup for him. Feel better, sweetie...

Link to Video on You Tube


  1. The clasps are great. I would love to pair the padlock one with either a big antique key, or one of Green Girl's pewter keys.

    By the way, if you ever need/want any help with naming projects, let me know. I enjoy naming things :)

  2. AJ,
    ooh, that would be cool. Now I want to make a padlock heart toggle! I don't think I have a GG key but i do have some of their hearts. Great ideas!

    Hey thanks I might take you up on helping with the names. It is really hard for me, and the descriptions (like the romance copy stuff) I'll trade you names for beads!

  3. Whoever thinks they could win in an out-angsting contest with the Cure is in for a big challenge.. Boy George perhaps.. Bowie ??


  4. Chuck,
    HAHAHA yeah he's got a lot of angst thats for sure!

    LOL you are obsessed with Bowie since i posted that video last week! so funny!

  5. These are so super cute!!! I love the whole heart and lock theme! Clasping things is a challenge too! These are wicked cute!

  6. and Morrissey gives them all a run for their wuuzzie wuudle/angstie money.

  7. You are So darn talented!!! Your designs blow me away! I LOVE the clasp's. I can't wait to see more of your tutorials in print. You Rock!

  8. Gaea,
    Thanks so much! I enjoy the clasp challenge, but it is tricky...

    I agree, Morrissey out angsts the lot of them!

    Thanks so much! I have a lot more projects already planned for this year, so keep an eye out. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Out of the two Cure tunes, this one is my favorite! I went through a Cure phase while in college. I still love em!
    That might make for some cool studio music.
    I love your heart toggle too! It's really fun. Is it big? I see it as a focal on a necklace. FUN!

  10. >I'll trade you names for beads!

    That would be awesome :D

    I love naming things... except for books. Every book that I've ever written has had a lousy working title, except "Dreams Half Remembered" which was a good title for a lousy story ;)

  11. Lorelei,
    Yeah I had a brief Cure phase in High school, but my friends liked them more than me.

    The toggle is kinda big, about 1 3/4 tall maybe. It's gone, but I am going to make more soon!

    LOL sounds good, I'll let you know when I need soem naming help again!