February 4, 2008

"I fell on the playing field, the work of an errant heel..."

Yesterday was pleasantly relaxing. I spent the day with my parents. I had no idea it was superbowl sunday, those things just totally pass me by, I am seriously uninterested in sports. So I didn't realize it until my mom told me to be careful driving over, and to watch for superbowl drunks on the road. I hung out with the parents, talked to my brother on the phone, who seems well, and just chilled for the afternoon. I did watch the superbowl preshow with the girl singing the anthem, which she did well, and I saw Tom Petty in the halftime show. I am not a huge fan, but I wanted to see anyway. Only because I could find it easily on Tivo, which happened to be taping the timeslot. And I watched the end a bit only because I was waiting for the new House to come on, so I could Tivo that. I don't even know who was playing, lol! I came home and did much scraping of beads, and got them all done, while watching Harry Potter, the fourth movie. We had seen it on the big screen when we were in Canada on vacation, and it reminded me a bit of that...So speaking of fields, I have been working with these Flower Field beads a lot lately. There is a really great project out using these, by Jean Yates, and I will tell you more about it this week. It's funny, this bead is an old design for me, and it was sort of hidden in the website. Jean found it and had a vision for it, and now it has come to print. So I have been working on unburying this bead and giving it some spotlight.

So speaking of fields and superbbowls and spotlights, this is the perfect song for today. It pretty much sums up how I feel about sports. It is the Decemberists with "The Sporting Life" set to some old timey sports footage.

Link to Video on You Tube



  1. Thank you for mentioning me, and also just....thank you for making the fantastic beads you make! every single one of them! xox


  2. Aww, thanks! I just do my best and make the best little beadies I can. It's awesome designers like you that bring them to life though.

  3. Hi!
    These beads are great! My local bead shop (Emmi Beads) has them, but just various colors, no two (or 5) the same color! But I am still excited to see the new project with them!

  4. Lorelei,
    Oh yes, Emmi Beads, cool! I am getting ready to show the project today, it's really cool, Jean did a great job, and it has wildly repopularized these beads!

  5. I am so happy because they are jusr super beads!

    'at's why I love ya, me Love :))

  7. Charlie,
    HAHAHA You know I am so glad you are not into sports all meathead like! I could not imagine...? love ya too