February 26, 2008

Huddled up in my little nest

Hey just a quick post today. We got a bunch of snow last night (*sniffle* I thought Spring had Sprung) and all I want to do is curl up with my doggie but we need to go out for some groceries and I am not looking forward to it.

Above, a shot from the new Stringing Magazine. This piece was not created by me but features some of my beads, mixed with a pendant by Melissa of Chinook Jewlery. The designer, Michelle Mach, of Beading Daily did an excellent job of combining the two artists' ceramics in this piece, called "Nesting". I love the window effect! This piece is in a section called Custom Focals, which has 4 innovative projects that have focal pieces assembled from various art beads and findings. I love this idea!

Above, a window pendant by Chinook Jewelry. They can be found here, on her website. I hope to receive a few of these in a few days so I will offer them in my Etsy shop with a bird and nest charm, in case anyone wants the set. Likewise, she will be receiving a few of my charms so you can buy a set from her too. Contact either of us if you are interested!


  1. That's really cool! I love to stack and combine focal beads, it creates some extra unique jewelry.

  2. How perfectly matched and cute that is!

  3. Love this! thanks for letting me know about Chinook Jewelry. she has a great website and I love her pendants!
    I think this piece in String is really creative, and eye-catching!

  4. Love it...love the nesting image for Spring...will it ever get here, Spring that is?? Love the Tesla stuff too...one of my favorite scientists...didn't know of the film...Bowie and Tesla two of my faves...

  5. Lorelei,
    Glad to link to her, she makes some great stuff! I just got my little package, so I can say that they are quite beautiful in the flesh too!

    Yes I recommend The Prestige, it was a pretty cool film. And we are still shovelling out from this pile of show here, sadly...

  6. Thanks for the post Melanie! I still don't have a copy of Stringing yet so it was great to see the picture here! I can't wait to get my beads from you as well :)

    (oh, and the Prestige was pretty cool!)

  7. Melissa, I hope you get a copy soon! Its a great issue! Michelle has a great eye...Our beads look great together!