February 3, 2008

hey hey hey!

Quickie post today, its my day off. I need to do a little work, but I hope to mostly rest. Maybe go visiting, I don't know. I woke up with a bunch of ideas, so I am chasing those...even though this is not the time to come up with new stuff. I have orders to do so I really can't play now, but I can dream. I have three different thoughts processes working this morning, three ideas. I have ideas for finishing a Candy line I half started...not literal candy, I already have that...but bead colors and shapes inspired by gumdrops and licorice. I also have some color and texture ideas for something really pink and sweet, lacy and frilly, but with an edge, like in a Gothic Lolita sort of way. So I am searching for the perfect pink, and I was sent some free new glazes out of the blue by a dear friend, and there are pinks in there for me to try! The thing that is strongest in my mind, though, is something Steam Punky, so I am serching for some good consistent metallic glazes, although not lusters, because I don't think I can deal with those. And that leads me to finding more brassy things and also some rubber tubing and glass vials. Lots of ideas today. So, I am Hot Hot Hot with ideas and so I will make that the song of the day. A double Cure weekend! From the album "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me" today's song is "Hot Hot Hot"

Link to Video on You Tube


  1. YES! Steampunk beads! I will be your loyal customer for life!

    Have you ever read Girl Genius? It's a steampunk comic, the little clanks would make good inspiration:

  2. I am really drawn to Steam Punk, but am still sort of trying to wrap my head around it. I am looking at the Brass Goggles site, and some of the LJ steam groups too.

    Thanks, if you have more links or movie titles to inspire me, it would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Well, if you go to the Links page on Girl Genius, they have a lot of stuff.

    Chris's former co-worker who's into Steam punk liked the 1920s movie "Metropolis." You might try "City of Lost Children" which was pretty freaky weird. And of course, any movie adaptations of Jules Verne's books. Probably lots more, but I'm also new to this whole thing.

    You can do a search on Etsy, there's a lot of Steam punk on there! Here's a couple of prints I found and liked:
    http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=8340379 (I really want this series!)
    (the wings are awesome. she has a few more steam punk prints, too)

    I'll let you know what other cool stuff I find in my browsing.

  4. Thanks for the links and suggestions! I saw Metopolis a long time ago and have seen City of Lost Children, but I should rewatch that. Thanks for the Etsy links, I will check them out later!