February 10, 2008

"Believe in me as I believe in you, tonight"

Really quick post today, I just want to pop in and say hello and then get to work. I had a great time last night at the parties with my friends, and was even able to convince Chuck he needed time off to come for some laughs. I barely drank anything but I feel tried and hungover. Seriously, I only had a tiny glass of raspberry lambic. I guess just being up late did it to me. I am such a hermit sometimes, a day of being around people exhausts me, but I loved it.

The pictues today are some old pendants I recently unearthed, from several years ago, when I was still doing metalwork. I really enjoyed these and they sold well, but I had to abandon them to focus on clay. Some of them got sort of dark and brassy and funky in a way I really enjoyed, and towards what I see as a steampunk asethetic that I am currently searching for. I think I need to clean these up, rephotograph them, and list them on Etsy, what do you think? Remember, Steam Week starts tomorrow! I hope to share with you what I know and see and work on one steam related piece every day next week. But I gotta get my work done tonight first.

Speaking of tonight, its Grammy night, eh? That gives me something to look forward to watching while I work this evening. I don't usually like a lot of the music presented, but it is my opportunity to learn about what's going on right now in pop music, crash course style. I like to see the fashions too. Very entertaining.

Today's song is "Tonight, Tonight" by the Smashing Pumpkins. I am not a huge Pumpkins fan, a little too nasal-ey to me, but I think this is a gem of a song and video. And a little steam like, or at least old-timey. I read on Wiki that they made it when the movie "Titanic" was being made, and James Cameron had rented out almost all of the turn of the century props and costumes in Hollywood, so they had to be really creative in thier choices. I think that's probably one of the reasons its so neat.

Link to video on You Tube


  1. Well you know how I feel about metal work... These are so much fun! How was the metal work created? I love the bug one!

  2. Hey! These are all hand fabricated from silver sheet. Well, the bug was a flat oval charm, the others are just cut out sheet silver. Most of them were reticulated (heated up until just melty like, then quenched, leaving a ripply, kinda organic texture and shape) The stones and beads were attached using some pretty innovative headpin techniques (if I do say so...) No soldering, no glue, no casting. Just sheet and wire and beads...

  3. These pendants are really fabulous! I think you definitely should list them in the shop. I like them all. They have this really cool earthy feel. Probably will be out of my price budget, but we'll see!

  4. I LOVE the beetle one! Makes me wish I hadn't just spent a fortune at gem show. Otherwise, it could come keep all my other beetles company :)

  5. Lorelei,
    Thanks! I think I will list them. They are tarnished now, so I gotta clean them and then rephoto them.

    Thanks! Urg, this is a hard time for us non-Tucson show beaders...so many of the stores and designers spent so much money at Tucson, and business drops off for a little while...happens every year!

  6. It's not exactly a great time for a lot of bead vendors who DID go to Tucson, either. I heard a lot of sellers saying that they did really badly, and I heard rumors that yesterday, people at a show that still had almost a week to go were packing it up and heading home :(

  7. AJ, yeah, that's a real bummer. It is really expensive to do those shows too, big overhead. I think it hurts all over, the economy...

  8. The general opinion also seems to be that there are just too many bead shows. It used to be that things like Emebllishment/B&B and Tucson were big deals, and everyone would travel to one or the other -- both of they were lucky. Now practically everyone has a "major" show in their backyard, so there's less incentive to fly across the country.

    It bums me out, because less and less of my friends are choosing to come here every year!

  9. AJ, Yeah I can see that. I have noticed the show saturation trend too. There was a bead store saturation trend in Metro Detroit, but that has about ended as a lot have closed down, sadly. ouch.