February 29, 2008

Alchemical Nightingale

I am up to the eyeballs in work today, and my morning was full of unexpected and exciting things. I got a full night's sleep, though, so that's good. And when I say full, I mean I slept for 12 hours. oops! Sometimes you gotta do that. I must have needed it. And that is the best thing about being self employed, I have that luxury to be able to do it when I need it.

So some of the morning's events were top secret, exciting things brewing in the background. I have a lot of those kinds of things, simmering here and there, things waiting to happen, things that are about to explode, things that were once hot but have since cooled and dissipated. It is like being a chemist or alchemist. I have thinking of the word Alchemist lately, probably since I designed the piece above, which I called Alchemical Nightingale. It was my first time working with brass and gold tones for many years, and I was undergoing the process of transforming all my beloved silver and pewter findings and beads into gold ones. Well not transforming as much as adding more to the collection, in every form, down to the headpins and jump rings (yep, that is the magical way of saying I spent a bunch of money on brass and gold, lol!)
Anyhow, I made this piece long ago it seems, and I love the title, and the little birds in the center pendant, which I called Nightingales, because that is a type of bird, right? And I thought of "night" and the "moon" elements and the gold. It all came together. This piece is published in the very newest issue of Simply Beads Magazine, the April issue. It uses Vintaj findings and some Swarovski pearls and crystals, along with my porcelain, of course. I am not offering this as a kit, but I am offering the finished pendant above, which I will make in any of my 10 face colors, completely wrapped and ready to string. You can see it here on the Earthenwood website. I had several pieces in this Simply Beads, and I will show you them over the next few days.

Another bit of good news is that I was chosen as a Daily Deviation on deviantART (warning...may contain adult content and may not be work safe), which is a networking site that I belong to that is devoted to art and crafts which are usually in the fantasy or sci-fi genre in some way. It's quite an honor, and very unexpected! Suddenly I have almost 200 messages and comments and favorites, which is wonderful! The Fairy Parade Necklace above is the piece that was highlighted. Thanks dA!


  1. Congratulations on being featured at Deviant Art! It's a well-deserved honor :)

    I really like the Alchemical Nightingale necklace. Hopefully my copy of Simply Beads will arrive soon.

  2. Thanks so much AJ! I do feel honored, wow!

    It's a good issue! I feel like I hogged it a little, I have a lot of pieces in it, and there were even a few surprises that I didn't know about!

  3. I know deviant art. it is top notch! where is your link, or can i just see you right off if I go there!
    These are beautiful pieces. you deserve every single wonderful thing which is happening due to your incredibly hard work, Melanie!

    Hooray Melanie!!! :) xoxox!!!

  4. Thanks Jean! Here is a link to the piece here:


    Its overwhelming, there are like 250 messages and favorites for me there. I haven't been able to even go and thank everyone! Tomorrow perhaps!

  5. Congrats on your dA daily! I bet that was a bit of a shock :o) I really must log into there more often - just went to have a look at your piece and realised while Ive been a member since December last year, I've never actually done anything with it.

    They're both absolutely stunning necklaces. I love the earthiness of the Fairy Parade

  6. faerie-jeweller,
    yes it was! I thought there was a glitch with all those messages. I had no idea a Daily would bring so much attention...