January 28, 2008

"the wings are wide..."

I am feeling better this morning, although I do still have this stubborn cold. My throat is sore, that's probably the worst of it. I hope to be much better tomorrow. My plans for resting this weekend just didn't work out...there's too much to do! I glazed for a long time yesterday and got a kiln loaded, and wow, this morning I have many fun new beads! I will be listing them on Etsy int he next few days, but I have to photograph them first. I did some variations on the Wicked Heart charms in black that I think are really neat. I also have a good amount of stock on the regular hearts so I can make up my Heartbroken Kits and keep some in stock. Both the sets of hearts and the kits are on Etsy right now, as well as the large Memento Mori Heart Flight set shown above.

Today's song is Feist with "I Feel It All" which is my favorite from The Reminder. Fun video, I think it would be neat to play with all those fireworks too!

I love the line "I'll be the one to break my heart, I'll be the one to hold the gun..."

Link to Video on You Tube


  1. EXCELLENT choice of song today! Feist is one of favorites lately!

  2. Thanks! I do like this album, every song except the sea lion one...That one bugs me. I want to hear some older stuff too!