January 24, 2008

There is a light that never goes out...

I am feeling somewhat better today but I am still not all the way better. I did go to my Punk Rock Fitness class last night, but kept it really low impact. Didn't want to overdo myself. I slept fine and feel just kinda coughy and sore today. So not too bad of a cold so far. It gets really bad for me when I get the sore throat...that's usually the first thing to hit me and I am miserable. Not this time (yet!) so that is fortunate.
Above, another one of Chuck's cards from the new Magic Morningtide series. He's a pretty cool looking creature,eh? Called a Nevermaker, I presume. Can you tell I am proud of his work but don't really know what I am talking about with the game? Now that this second set is out, we are getting a lot of great emails from gamers, which is super cool! We heart gamers!

I have been working as much as I can with this cold, I made some beads last night and will glaze today. I am getting a bunch of weird stuff done too: photography that has piled up, Etsy store listings, new advertisements, and emails that I have been putting off. I am also thinking about teaching some classes in beading, which I haven't done in years! A possible opportunity to teach at Gen Con this summer has presented itself, and I have had a new re-interest in teaching. This would be a class mostly for the non-gaming spouses and friends of the gamers at the show. Something for the wives and girlfriends and moms to do pretty much. So I want to design something really cool looking, but easy for a beginner, and inexpensive, using my beads. It's a fun challenge! In my mind in the past few days I have been seeing reruns of all the classes I have taught over the years...it used to be a weekly occurrence in my days at the bead store.
Ok, so sometimes I just enjoy typing a word into You Tube and seeing what comes up, for the song of the day. I am surprised how often I get something that interests me. Today I typed in "never" for the Nevermaker card, and I found "there is a light that never goes out" by the Smiths. Sorry if you hate the Smiths, but I love them. And this cheerful little song (*lol*) is one I remember vividly from my youth, crooning in a solemn fashion with my girlfriends while wearing all black...


  1. Yay! The Smiths! Great card too!

  2. Melanie,
    What are you thinking about teaching at Gen Con? I'd love to come and see you again!

    molly s.

  3. Love this whole commentary!!! will send to my kid!

  4. Gaea & Jean...thanks!

    Hi Molly! I am thinking of teaching a very very basic beading class. Like, this is a headpin, this is a crimp bead, sort of basic. For total newbies. That is what I like to teach best...to get them hooked early!

    I would love to meet up in Indy again during the show. Do you think you might make it up to MI for the Bonanza in March?