January 5, 2008

Sun is in the sky, oh why, oh why, would I want to be anywhere else?

Ok, so the sun is not in the sky today and it's cold, but I can think wishfully, can't I? And I didn't want to be "here" today actually. Today I needed to get out of the house. Even though we were out yesterday we were surrounded by friends, I needed some alone time today to just recharge. So I went to the post office and then off to the craft store, and just spent some time looking around. I picked up some new fancy papers to photograph on and some neat new polymer clay tools, which I hope will work with my porcelain just as well as polymer. Also, I saw that the Winter issue of Stringing is still on the shelves.
Above, a snapshot from the page in Stringing where my project "Mystified" is, on the right. On the left, I was very excited to see another designer's project using one of my beads! Ricky Talmage made this beautiful necklace called "Lilly in Autumn" with one of my Earth Elemental Goddess pendants, with silver and moss agate. It's quite wonderful! I have a close up picture at the top of his post of the same style and color of pendant she used, available in my Etsy shop. I am also playing with multicolored versions of these pendants, like the Water Goddess one below. What do you think?

In honor of "Lilly in Autumn", today's song is by Lily Allen. I love her! And this is one of the first I had heard and is still one of my favorite songs by her. The song is "LDN" and it is about life in London. Someday I would love to go there, I think that is one of the places in the world I would love to visit. Maybe Japan too.


  1. The moment I read the title of this post I started humming the tune. Thank you for getting that song in my head. Seriously! It's one of my favs. :)

    Congrats on the Stringing issue. Your beads are so lovely. I love seeing the ways you and other people use them in projects. I have ZERO imagination (or talent) for stringing. So I enjoy drooling over pictures.

  2. I like London better than Japan (although both are hideously expensive, right now). I think I freak out whenever I visit Asian countries, though, because I _look_ as if I ought to know what I'm doing, but, of course, I don't. Sigh. Multicolored water goddess pendant is beautiful!

  3. Multi-colored goddesses rock, but you already know that I feel that way ;)

  4. I love all of the new beads, the colors are so yummy. Beautiful things as always...

    Thanks for inspiring us endlessly.


  5. Christie,
    Yeah I love that song too, from the first time I saw her perform it on SNL. Thanks for the compliments!

    I envy that you have visited these places! I have only been out of the country to Canada. I do not travel well...

    AJ and Margot, thanks! That means a lot to me!