January 1, 2008

So this is the New Year...

"So this is the new year

And I have no resolutions

For self-assigned penance

For problems with easy solutions"

Happy New Year all! Last night was fun, just stayed at home, played with beads, watched the hilarious Kathy Griffin's stand up on tv, and celebrated the year ending. I don't like to think of resolutions really, at least not in those terms. That always implies guilt to me, for things gone wrong int he last year, that you want to change for the upcoming year. It seems like a prison sentence. But I do like to make goals and plans for the next year. I suppose that's the same thing, just semantics. But the change in terms takes out the guilt for me...

So I looked at last year's business goals and I am pretty pleased with what I accomplished. It was my best year ever, even though there were some downs with the ups. Some things had to carry over to this year, like making my wholesale website, which is no small task. Other things I thought I wanted last year, like developing and marketing my jewelry line, but once I got into it, decided it was not what I wanted to do. Some things I spent way too much time on and they didn't work out or failed, and I wish I had thought them through a little better before jumping into them. And still, other things happened that were totally unexpected which opened up all sorts of possibilities...like Art Bead Scene.

So I have written my goals list, but I won't share it here. Its one of those things I prefer to keep close to my heart and in my head. I usually write it and then don't look at it again until mid year, and then at the end. It's amazing how it evolves and how I really do set out to do the things on it and get them accomplished.

So today's song is "The New Year" by Death Cab for Cutie. I like this band, and don't listen to them enough. This video is really neat, it celebrates people who have kinda miserable jobs it seems. Young people with retail and food service jobs that are hard and not appreciated. I can relate, not to the food service, but I have experienced the lows of retail for sure. I like how in the end they all find each other and commiserate together and enjoy each other's company.