January 10, 2008

see me, see me bubbling quietly...

So yesterday I mentioned the simultaneous inspiration phenomenon between me and my friend Gaea. Today I will show another recent example. I have posted a few examples of my new bubble beads (I still don't really have a name for them). Compare them with Gaea's new Bubbles! That's fun! They are really not alike very much, just both consisting of little balls of clay arranged bubble like. I think they would compliment each other really well, actually. I want to use one of her "oodles" or "in a later" pendants with my little bubble accents, and dangle some little crystally drops down so it looks like rain clouds!
Here are more that I did in different colors, which I am using for a really watery, mossy, mermaidy design. I started last night and fought with it a bit, so I stepped away and now I can return today. I think it will be a good piece, it used some Vintaj parts and some gold plated Green Girl mermaids. I also want to do a matching bracelet and earrings.
Actually I designed my bubbly beads in response to this beautiful Koi pond pendant I got from Melissa Lee. I made it for my Mom for Christmas. It has the PMC, polymer and resin pendant of Melissa's mixed with my porcelain and faux suede tubing and opaque Austrian crystals and silver. It's kind of different for me, a little subtle and sort of Springy and ethereal, but still earthy.

Today's song is M.I.A. with World Town. It's another one of her super high energy songs that I love, and I sing the "bubbling" part in my head all day sometimes. It's a little graphic and violent, and from what I have pieced together it is children living in third world conditions, possibly child soldiers. I found out today that this song is connected to her visit to Liberia, where she made a documentary about the children there and met with Kimmie Weeks, child rights activist. I wish I could see that documentary, that whole series actually. Its on Canadian TV, go figure...they have the coolest shows...

Anyway, this video is really pretty cool, its a bunch of dance clips from different Bollywood movies.


  1. This piece came out so beautifully. I'm thrilled that you used my pendant! Thanks so much - I hope your Mom is enjoying the necklace.

  2. Ohhh! Thanks for the mention! I love the water and bubble beads! They would be awesome in a bubble project! If you are up for a trade, let me know...

  3. Melissa,
    My mom did love it when she opened it, and was telling me all the things she could wear it with. It's perfect for her because she loves their koi pond. As long as she can watch it peacefully as my dad does all the yucky fish stuff, lol!

    Yes, I am up for a trade, this is a good time too...I'll email you...

  4. I know what you mean - I gave my husband a 20 gallon fish tank when we were dating. Even though he was dying to have one, it was a terrible gift, because it was so much work to maintain!!! It's sitting in the garage somewhere right now...

  5. Melissa,
    Ugh yeah we used to have a big fish tank and it was a lot of work (not that I did any of it...) Chuck as one fish now and a terrarium. He gets cool moss and plants for that and just picked up a cute little caterpiller the other day. Much less work!

  6. The necklace is a beautiful piece.

  7. Christina,
    Thanks so much! I like your blog...I just added it to my blogroll...