January 23, 2008

Rock On!

So I promised to show one of the most popular cards from Chuck's Magic pre-release weekend. The card above is called Thorn of Amethyst and apparently is a great card in game play. It is not his most exciting looking card, as it has no creatures, but it is a really cool looking chunk of glowing rock and was really popular with the gamers. He signed what seemed like hundreds of these, and in many cases altered the art on the card, sneaking in one of his signature eyeballs into the center of the stone. Pretty cool. Speaking of Amethyst, I recently received this great PMC and amethyst pendant by Melissa Lee. It is quite beautiful, isn't it? I am not sure what I am going to make with it yet, but I made these purple porcelain links below to go with it. I like the way the shapes are similar and I tried to get a matching texture with the little random lava dots. I look forward to bringing these together, and it is the birthstone for next month, so maybe I will be inspired by that too...
Not much else to say today, as I am still feeling under the weather. I was able to take some pictures that I will list in the Etsy shop this afternoon, and I hope to make some beads this afternoon too. I am not full out sick but just trying to take it easy and not get sicker. My Punk Rock fitness class is scheduled for tonight and I am trying to decide if I should go. Do you think exercise is good or bad for a cold?


  1. Oh! Bad for a cold! Rest up! I love the purple of your lava links! Purple is a hard color for me to work with but I love it just the same!

    Have you tried zycam? It is homeopathic and always works like a voodoo charm when ever I get a cold. I get the nasal one so that I can keep drinking tea and juice. You have to wait 30 min. after taking the oral variety. But I will use that and coldeaze (sp?) another zinc product... feel better!

  2. Exercise is bad for a cold? Maybe I can sweat it out...?

    Really, purple is hard? Like as a glaze or to bead with? I love working with it and my glaze is pretty consistent. Sometimes it is a little fussy.

    I do have some Zycam. I have been using Airborne. I just remembered Chuck got me a vitamin water with Zinc. Off to drink that and have some chicken soup...lots of fluids...

  3. Does Airborne actually work?

    Hope you feel better soon. You're a good woman for even considering the fitness class (punk rock or not), in my books.

    Thanks for featuring my pendant! I love your purple links...

  4. It is a mental block with purple. It can go blue and it can go red and I just have trouble sticking purples together so I usually go opposite on the color wheel and put it with yellow or gold...

  5. Melissa,
    I don't know, Airborne may just be a mental thing, but I think it worked a couple of times when I was on the edge of a cold. It's actually pretty tasty, and I don't get my vitamins enough...

    Thanks it was really hard to go to class last night in my condition, but it did feel pretty good.

    Thats why I love purple, because I love to put it with its cousins in the blue and red families, they look so good all together for me. I also like it with greens, because when you see Amethyst in the rough, I love the greens that surround it, like in a geode...

  6. I love purple. I hope you feel better. that is one great card!

  7. I love purple too. Thanks for the well wishes Jean, but unfortunately I feel worse today! *whine*