January 31, 2008

Ornament Thursday Wrap Up

Whoo Hoo! I am blogged out from yesterday's activity. It was quite an organizational feat to get everyone's Ornament Thursday posts all co-ordinated and linked, but we all pressed on and they look great! Go, click on the banner above, and see all the great ideas out there. And don't forget to go see my other project, the Gothic Garden Necklace, posted at Art Bead Scene
I am tired out from the last remainder of my cold, and from Punk Rock Fitness, which kicked me in the butt last night. Whew! I have to run off and work on some earrings today, for an earring emergency, so I will see you tomorrow...


  1. LOL thanks! I did cut out a bit early last night and just vegged for a while. Much needed...

  2. Andrew, hello! Unfortunately, No I won't be at Tuscon. I have never been, can you believe it???

    Instead I will stay home and work on my website, like I do every Feb while many of my friends are in AZ, *sniffle*