January 18, 2008

"The ocean breathes salty, wont you carry it in?"

Not much to say today. I am quite sore now, and was last night, from the exercise class. Ow, my ribs hurt from the stupid cool hula hoop. Oh well, I guess I will recover and do it again next week! It gets better, right, getting exercise? Someone, lie to me!

So I glazed all day yesterday and fired two kilns. That should fill a bunch of orders, so that makes me happy. I will be able to ship a lot of thinks on Monday. Today I spent a little time photographing some things and listing them in the Etsy Shop. New multicolored mermaids like the one shown above and also some bundles of older links and charms from my vast inventory. I am excited to start fresh for the few shows I have this year, so cleaning out what I have in stock makes me pretty happy.

I will be scarce the rest of the weekend. Today I am taking the day off to visit with my parents and this weekend Chuck has a Magic the Gathering pre release signing in the area, so I will be helping him there. I think it will be fun, this is the first time he is meeting with Magic players since he has had cards released. We don't know quite what to expect, but I am looking forward to it.

Today's song is Modest Mouse with "Ocean Breathes Salty", which I found totally randomly this morning while searching "ocean" on You Tube. What a neat video! I think I would like Modest Mouse, I would like to hear more...

Link to video on You Tube



  1. You know I love a mermaid and yours is awesome! So liquid and cool! Beauious!

  2. Awwww...mermaids...love those creatures...even my 5 yo is totally into them...I have to remind her at swim lessons that she needs to bring her head up and breathe...you're not a mermaid, sweetheart...but Mama, I want to grow a tail soon...

  3. Gaea,
    Thanks, this is my favorite of this batch I think. I still like the one I posted a while ago better though...

    When I was little they called me a fish, I loved swimming all summer long. And I am super fair skinned and freckly so I would burn badly. That was the only bad part. Ick, having to wear a t-shirt while swimming because of my burned shoulders! I haven't been swimming in forever...