January 7, 2008

Look like it's about to rain, what a shame...

On my day "off" I made this bracelet! I followed the project in Jean Yates' new book Links! I have always wanted to try chainmaille, specifically, this Byzantine design, but I never have the time to learn, so I am glad I was able to try something new on my day off. I used the wrong sized jump rings though, but I only had these big silver plated ones in stock in such a large quantity. So the bracelet was loose looking. I added another jump ring to each section so there are sets of three rings instead of two. Is there a special name for this variation? Another variation I made was I put my art bead at the end next to the toggle, and in Jean's example, she had it in the center. But that, to me, is the point of such a book...being inspired by the designs and learning new techniques to make your own! Thanks Jean!

I would like to give this bracelet away as a prize, so if you would like it, please leave a comment on this post in either my Blogger blog or my Live Journal. On Friday, I will pick one random commenter and it is yours!
It's looking really gloomy out today, even though it is warm. Everything is melting and its grey. Yuck. Yesterday was a good day, we got up early and went to church. That sounds weird for me to say, as I have always been weirded out by "church". But we go to this Unitarian Universalist church and it's really cool. It's really progressive and they speak about religion exactly the way I need to hear things, in a multi cultural/denominational way and always with rationality, speaking often about metaphor, while still celebrating spirituality. I would like to go there more. Afterwards, I relaxed, did some stretches, looked at some books, took a hot bubble bath and a nap, and made a yummy dinner. A great day off!
Although taking a day off a week will take some getting used to. I did relax, but I also did end up sneaking some work in. I kept turning on the computer to check email and look things up. I guess the bracelet counts as work related too, as does reading the bead book. But beads are my life and love, so what can I do? I m feeling a little behind this morning though, so I better get going.

The bead bundles pictured here today are some new sets I will be listing in the Etsy shop this afternoon. More experiments with watery images, and things that remind me of ponds. Lilly pads and fallen leaves, and gentle streams. I am really excited about the multicolored charms and pendants, so these are a few more versions of smaller charms done in that style.

Today's song is "The Rain (supa dupa fly)" by Missy Elliot. The song has a sample from a 1974 Ann Peebles song. I feel that way about the rain sometimes, when I want to go out or when it feels gloomy. But i do like the sound of the rain when I am sleeping or napping. This video is supa dupa cool. Missy at her best.


  1. I'd love to wear your bracelet, I'd be the proudest wearer ever!! I came out beautiful, I'd be very happy if I won.

    I can so relate to the day off/ squeezing work in issue - it's what I constantly do :-) Drives my dh crazy...

    Greetings from Germany,

  2. I do NOT believe your talent! some people can't add anything off the cuff like that: and look at you...you recognized a problem (the looseness) (which was good in and of itself) and devised a clever solution immediately. WOW!

    and it is SO gorgeous! I love the way you put your art bead at the end, by the clasp! How beautifully balanced, and what a pretty color leaf, too! If you think I am out of the running for this bracelet just cause it's me writing this, please don't lave me out!!! I love it!!! jean! xox

  3. ps: I am studying what you did and it's in the middle, yes? there is a name for every variation because eople just love to make chain maille. I don't know what this one is I am calling it the Melanie's Queen Byzantine variation.

  4. I know there's a variation of Byzantine called "Tri-zantine" but I don't know if it looks like that :) I'd have to dig out DH's maille books and I dunno where they are.

    Regardless, awesome bracelet! I like the placement of the leaf next to the clasp.

  5. Wasn't that clever of you! (to add that 3rd ring) The bracelet is GORGEOUS. Is it a little 6-incher by any chance?? LOL! The focal bead on the end is a cool touch. The contrast of the cold metal and the warm bead is gooood.

  6. Claudia,
    Good to hear that I am not alone on the day off thing. I think I just have to schedule myself to relax liek I schedule everythign else...

    I will not leave you out, lol! And thanks a million for teaching me a new thing!

    Thanks, I will have to look up Tri-zintine to see if thats what I did...

    It's about 7 inches, I made it to fit my wrist. But I will adjust it to fit the winner's wrist...I shoudl have mentioned that... Glad you like it!

  7. I am loving this bracelet! What a great idea. I am definitely going to check out Jean's book to learn how. I have made a Foxtail bracelet before, but this style looks a lot harder than what I did! I am up for the challenge!

  8. Lorele,
    I just looked up Foxtail and that's way harder! Jean makes it really easy and there are great pictures. Can you tell I loved this book?

  9. the chain is loose? Could have fooled me, as I think it looks great. But... I wouldn't mind a chance to see it up close & personal, either. =)

  10. Jenn,
    LOL! It *was* loose when I first made it, because I used a bigger jump ring than the project called for. It looked sloppy. But adding a third ring tightened things up, it feels really great now and looks "tighter" I guess...

  11. me again. I didn't realize at first that his was your song of the day. It's a good one! Love it! AND one of the best videos done by Missy Elliot!
    Really brings me back.

  12. As though your bead shop beads aren't beautiful enough, your multi-color beads just kick it up a notch! I need to get to work on winning the lottery so I can buy all of them! :) *sigh* I suppose for now, I'll just have to look forward to my daily check-in on your blog and drooling over your lovely, lovely work. And I stick by this praise whether I get the bracelet or not! LOL.

  13. Lorelei,
    Thanks, it is a good one, eh? I wonder if anyone ever watches/listens to the videos on my blog. I love using them regardless...

    Oh thank you so much! I am having a lot of fun playing with new things and showing them here on my blog. Thanks for checking in and supporting me!

  14. Hi Melanie,
    Your bracelet is amazing. I've ordered Jean's book and now am really impatiant for it to get here! I love the way you put the leaf next to the clasp and I wear green a lot!!! Please enter me in your drawing!

  15. Carlene,
    Thanks! And I think you will love Jean's book, it's great! Thansk for stopping by and commenting!

  16. Hi Melanie:

    Hard to believe that was your first attempt at Byzantine. It looks fabulous. I've been trying to teach myself chain maille and I've got the 4 in 1 down pat, but I've been intimidated by the Byzantine weave. Been working out of another book I bought several months ago. I have Jean's book on my wish list at amazon, so now I guess I'm going to have to order it sooner than later.(hi Jean!)

    Oh, and step away from the bracelet Ladies, it's mine. :)

  17. Lynda,
    Thanks! Yeah the thing aobut Jean's book that is cool is that it is a great mix of everything. And there is a bit of the chainmaille in it, but not too much...I look at those books full of difficult chain techniques and get overwhelmed. Links has a nice sampling to get you started and the examples are really contemporary with a lot of art beads (love that!)

  18. It's simply lovely...you are such an amazing talent...and I thought the Vintaj stuff you did was beautiful...until I came across this post...sigh...one word - gorgeous!

  19. katarinasmama,
    wow, thank you so much! I am really enjoying these materials! I think a Vintaj style chainmaille piece would be cool. Changing the look of the metal from shiny silver to raw aged brass would really change a piece!

  20. Melanie,
    WHAT A FABULOUS IDEA. i was thinking the same thing. BUT was also thinking, where do I buy Brass Jump Rings in BULK??

  21. Lorelei,
    Well Vintaj has them in bulk on their wholesale website. But if you are not registered there, a good alternative might be Rings & Things. They have antique brass, gunmetal and copper jump rings. I am not sure the brass would match Vintaj *exactly*, but I bet you could work the two together...

  22. Good thought- thanks for the info. I am not registered with Vintaj for wholesale. But I will definitely look into Rings and Things.