January 26, 2008

"I cannot guess what we'll discover...

When we turn the dirt with our palms cupped like shovels
But I know our filthy hands can wash one another's
And not one speck will remain."
So above is the last of the Chuck's cards from the Magic the Gathering work that has been released. I showed this one on the blog when it came out, but I wanted to finish up the week and just show them all. While this one doesn't have any crazy creatures or characters, it is one of my favorites. We both have an affinity for weird pod like growing things. Much of my college work revolved around it actually. I especially love the way porcelain can take on the textures and luminosity of newly growing plant life, as well as shells, and sea creatures, and eggs.
In college, I was heavily inspired by the Hieronymous Bosch painting "Garden of Earthly Delights", the center of the triptych is shown below. I love the forms, the colors, the amazing detail, the mythology and symbolism. It still inspires me, and I sit here typing under a large poster of the painting on my wall, so I see it everyday, but I never tire of it.
Totally random side note here...Look what I found when googling for a Bosch image: OMG there are Hieronymous Bosch vinyl "action figures". I want!

So today's video is one that I love, its is what made me interested in Death Cab for Cutie. It's "Soul Meets Body" and it is really a visual treat! I love the bizarre mushroom like musical notes that grow and float around. The end makes me sorta sad though, as they get caught and suffer and die off. I am such a wimp for that stuff, I think I was traumatized by Bambi or Benji or Lassie movies as a kid. But when there is an innocent creature that suffers in a film (even if it is a totally unrealistic depiction, like an imaginary creature or a cartoon), I just get so emotional and weepy! Just a little while ago I got really grumpy at Chuck because he made me watch ET through the sick dying part. I wanted to stop after the fun and games and dress up scenes, and I didn't want to see the sad parts, even though it ends kinda happy. I'm such a softie.

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  1. Wow...is all I can say...a yummy little package...carefully wrapped in a heart shaped tin arrived on my doorstep today...thank you for my turning over a new leaf bracelet!!! Love it...it means so much to me as I already mentioned...and wow...Bosch...who knew while I was studying poli sci and marketing...and to think he did this in the early 1500s...hmmm...happy creation-ism...couldn't resist...and Chuck's pods...very magical indeed...love pods...a sign of new life and something a-brewing...thank you again...have a wonderful weekend...we're all nursing colds here as well...

  2. Oh yay! I am glad it arrived and it makes you happy!

    Feel better soon!