January 4, 2008

I can hear on the wind, a tale that needs to be told again...

"I know it was only a dream
As delicate as a dragonfly wing"
Ok, so I am going to back track here a little bit before I move on. I don't think I ever shamelessly promoted my article in the Winter issue of Stringing magazine. It just slipped past me during the holidays. So I had the online article, Pixie Parchment. But also in the magazine, I had a piece, the one above, called Mystified. In the magazine, the pixie and moon face beads were a little shy for the photographer I guess, as they were facing down in print, so here is my picture of it above. It has lots of my beads and charms in it, plus yummy labradorite and Austrian crystal, and pearls. Plus there are a few big Green Girl pewter pieces in it too, a dragonfly bead, a beautiful mermaid, and a dragonfly pendant which I used as a clasp. I really like the asymmetrical quality of this piece, and the weight of it. Below, another shot. This was hard to photograph in one piece, so I split it up. The clasp goes on the side, it's pretty neat...I used a loop of faux suede...something really different.
So you may recall I was working on this piece this summer. I wanted to be inspired by a song by Sam Roberts called "Mystified Heavy" which I love. The quote in the title and below it are from the song. You can read the rest of the lyrics and see my previous post about it by clicking here. It is a song rich with imagery of the old sea, and sirens, and reminds me of pirates and such dangerous oceanic things. There are so many great lines in the song, and I wanted to incorporate them in a necklace, and use the colors that paint the song's imagery in my head. So you see the lush greens and deep watery blues, and dark exotic pearls, and shimmery stones. Plus more literal images like the shells, the mermaid/sirens, and the dragonflies mentioned in the chorus. Plus the Sea Swoosh pendant in the center, which I carved and love the way it is so nouveau and organic. I am really happy with this piece all around.
I will be listing these Sea Swoosh Sets on Etsy later this morning.

The song for the day is of course "Mystified Heavy" by Sam Roberts. I am saddened at the lack of Sam Roberts available on the You Tubes. I did find this one live performance, but the audio is screwed up, the sound is not great, and it's not in sync with the visual. *cry* But I really wanted to show you the song that inspired the necklace, so just close your eyes and listen, if you would like...


  1. Beautiful piece! And thank you for turning me on to some new music...always good for inspiration. I'm diggin' this song. :)

  2. Joy,
    Thanks so much! Oh and sorry about the audio on that video, it is a really good studio track. I highly recommend Sam Roberts... One of Canada's best in my opinion!