January 12, 2008

Hot on the trail of self pity is wilderness, just like hot on the heels of heartbreak is happiness...

So the newest issue of Simply Beads Magazine is out! I have two projects in it: a pair of earrings and the Brokenhearted necklace you can see under the title in the picture above. You can see a better picture of the necklace on their website. I will soon be listing it as a kit on the website, although I have had to alter it a bit. Seems the cute wavy silver links with the little balls that i used in the project are nowhere to be found now. This happens sometimes, as it is often many months between the time a piece is designed and the time it makes it to print. It's frustrating though...
I listed a few bright red hearts and other more wicked things in the Etsy shop this morning. Some neat bats and a dragon left over from Halloween. Because we celebrate that all year round! I also marked down all of my Christmas holiday themed items, at least 25%. So stock up for next year! You can see all of the sale items in one page if you click here. I love that label function on Etsy!
I introduced a new feature to Art Bead Scene today, Studio Saturdays. The goal is to get more readers comfortable posting comments. The incentive is a free bead a week! Go there, answer the simple question in the post, and you could win a Flutter Heart charm by me!

Today's song is "Hot on the Heels of Heartbreak" by the Beautiful South. That's the song I have in my head, that I have quoted above in the title. But alas, I cannot find a trace of it on the Googles. In fact, it is hard to find much of the Beautiful South, other than concert footage. And frankly, I am so easily disappointed by the poor quality concert footage people upload to the You Tubes, I usually don't click on them. So today's video is a sappy melodramatic love song by them called "One Last Love Song" with a rather humorous video...I think it is in the spirit of how i feel about Valentine's day a bit, and the big push to celebrate it. Which I admit, I am part of, but I try to be realistic about it, and give it a little edge and maybe a touch of sarcasm...

I love the line:

Give me one last love song, To bring you back, bring you back

Give me one last video, just dressed in black, dressed in black

Link to You Tube Video



  1. That dragon head is really cute. If you started making them in green, I would be really happy!

    (because the dozen or more different green dragon beads that I already have just aren't enough)

  2. Thanks! I wanted to do him kinda like the bats with the linked wings, but the head on view wasn't working for me. Perhaps a profile...

    oh and green! Thats a great suggestion! Thanks!